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Our Mission?

CS Week’s Women in Utilities is a venue dedicated to the empowerment of women in the utilities industry. Its year-round educational content and networking programs:

  • Support and nurture women, both personally and professionally;

  • Show them how to leverage relationships, especially with mentors, colleagues and company leaders, for career growth by following the examples of those who have already blazed paths of achievement;

  • Help re-focus challenges, adversities and non-traditional roles/jobs into opportunities
    for recognition, innovation and assignment to positions of higher responsibility.

Our Target Audience?

While Women in Utilities is dedicated to women, its programs are open to everyone. We strive to support diversity, opportunity and engagement in the workplace and in our personal relationships. Anyone interested in holistically championing others as together we weave our lives into balanced, responsible and satisfying ones is welcome. Women in Utilities is a mutual admiration society. Join for yourself! Get involved for others!

Women in Utilities Questions?
Please contact
Lisa Collins
Women in Utilities Mgr

Women in Utilities is sponsored by:

Penni McLean-Conner 


“They (men) were just a little put out not to be invited and joked they might put on skirts to sneak in,” recalled Penni McLean-Conner, Board Chair, CS Week and CCO & SVP, Customer Care Organization, Eversource Energy. “At its genesis, several talented, assertive women from our vendor community raised the flag and rallied the charge to create a special time and place  

when women could connect, be inspired and share work challenges and successes. After the first event in a nondescript,

crowded room met with rave reviews, CS Week directors soon realized its potential and value. They branded it, attracted sponsors and added motivational speakers. Along the way, the venue has pivoted, each time making Women in Utilities better and stronger. As women’s roles in utilities have increased so has Women in Utilities matured. We’ve come a long way since that somewhat clandestine gathering. We owe a debt to those first leaders and thanks to our Steering Committee who kindles their passion today by fostering a community for  empathetic, supportive engagement.”

Andrea Pelt-Thornton

Pelt-Thornton Headshot 10-2021 Cropped BEN_0267.jpg

“A big part of this venue’s success is our steering committee,” explains Andrea Pelt-Thornton, Venue Chair and NextEra/Florida Power & Light’s IT Agile Delivery Manager. “They identify topical, relevant and illuminating content, not in myopic or monotone ways. Rather, this talented team raises diverse perspectives that influence women’s profile and success in the industry. They partner with 

our fabulous sponsors to shape content, secure respected speakers and create an attendee experience that makes any Women in Utilities forum a must-do. Together, we end up with a cross-section of people from across the country who can crystalize powerful messaging that deeply touches our attendees’ lives. My goodness, it is just so powerful!”

For information about sponsorship, programs or Sunrise Event registration, please contact Lisa.

WIU Sunrise Event

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 6:45 am - 7:50 am

CS Week's Women in Utilities Sunrise Event has become an annual go-to for many attendees! More information to come!


Sunrise Event Elite Sponsor:


Sunrise Event  Co-Sponsor:

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