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Welcome to a free, educational venue of the CS Week family – CS Week Web Ed Webinars. 

CS Week Web Ed joins the other CS Week webinar series with one-of-a-kind offerings and timely topics which impact utilities in a broader way. Without a regular schedule, CS Week Web Ed will instead offer webinars that bring to light for broader utility education those unexpected surprises, opportunities, extras and bonuses.  So now CS Week has “a time and place for everything.”


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Cans and Can’ts of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Speaker:  Katrina Metzler, Exec Dir, NEUAC



  1. Learn how the LIHEAP block grant works;

  2. Discover how various entities are utilizing these federal funds to address specific local needs in these pandemic times;

  3. Hear about the challenges and successes that make LIHEAP such an important customer assistance tool for utilities.


Returning by popular demand, this speaker will focus on the flexibilities and limitations of the federal LIHEAP. She will emphasize the strength and elasticity of these block grant dollars, which are awarded to all states, territories and many tribes. They can be utilized to address the needs of utility customers adversely affected by COVID-19, in economic distress, or otherwise vulnerable to energy insecurity.


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Leading the EV Charging Revolution: One Customer at a Time
Speaker:  Penni McLean-Conner, SVP and CCO, Eversource


ConEd’s Electric Vehicle story in New York City
Speaker:  John Shipman, Dept Mgr Electric Vehicles, Consolidated Edison of New York


Innovations in Blocking Utility Phone Scam Calls
Speaker: Marybeth Degeorgis, Sr Product Mgmt Dir of Communications Solutions, Neustar
               Jonjie Sena, Sr Dir of Product Marketing, Neustar
               Mitchell Young, Exec Dir of Identity Risk Solutions, Neustar


Accelerating Digital Transformation for Utilities by Improving Digital Customer Engagement and Experience
Speaker: Kevin Jackson, Mgr HRIS Transformation, Oklahoma Gas & Electric
               Jim Devine, Chief Share Service Officer, Corix Group
               Lance Brown, VP, Customer Solutions, SEW (Smart Energy Water)


Driving Water Conservation and Operational Efficiency through Digital Customer Engagement
Speaker: Tarun Malhotra, ERP Mgr, City of San Diego
               Joanne Fletcher, VP, Energy and Water Solutions, SEW


Phone Data Management Is More Than Just TCPA
Speaker:  Lara Ringness, Business Delivery Manager, Data Management, Pugent Sound Energy

                Mitchell Young, Executive Director, Identity Solutions, Neustar