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CS Week proudly presents its second podcast season. Hosted by Julie Lupinacci, chief customer officer for Hydro Ottawa, season two will present four 30-45 minute interviews with respected industry executives in strategic conversations focused through the customer experience lens. Listen as thought leaders lay out today’s energy transition challenges and how companies are helping customers stay informed, plan today for tomorrow, make prudent choices, and manage their bills and utility relationship.


Season 2 | Episode 3 Is NOW AVAILABLE!

In Season 2’s Episode 3 “Investing in the Future of Energy,” Julie Lupinacci interviews Spencer Gill and Kerry Hogan, respected utility executives who recently shared a strategically focused conversation about energy investments through the lens of the customer.

Gill and Hogan discuss how electric and gas utilities are managing:


  • Energy planning and spend

  • Consumer sentiment and expectations

  • Investments in technology tools like next-generation AMI to gain more information for the capital investments utilities must make to meet and exceed changing expectations

  • Effective, targeted messaging and communications


Spencer Gill,
VP, Planning (Asset Mgmt), Hydro One Networks


Kerry Hogan,
Southern Company Gas

Listen to the podcast:

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud or find your favorite listening platform at

All opinions expressed by podcast participants are solely their current opinion and do not reflect the opinion of CS Week nor the participant’s employers. Participant’s opinions are based upon information they consider reliable, but do not warrant its completeness or accuracy and should not be used as a basis for investments or modification of business practices or policy.

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