CS Week proudly presents its new podcast series, CS Week Connect, hosted by Gregg Knight, long-time industry thought leader, trailblazer, and service innovator at multiple utilities. 

In 20-25 minute podcasts, Knight will engage respected professionals in candid, strategic conversations about current utility customer service challenges.



This episode features Kenny Coleman, SVP & CIO, Stephenie Howard, Dir, Performance Mgmt & Strategy and host Gregg Knight, EVP, Customer Transformation & Business Strategy, a panel trio who regularly works together at CenterPoint Energy, a large multi-state gas and electric utility headquartered in Houston, TX. Here them discuss how CenterPoint is digitally transforming its CX. 

Listen to the podcast:

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All opinions expressed by podcast participants are solely their current opinion and do not reflect the opinion of CS Week nor the participant’s employers. Participant’s opinions are based upon information they consider reliable, but do not warrant its completeness or accuracy and should not be used as a basis for investments or modification of business practices or policy.