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CS Week Women in Utilities’ webinars feature influential leaders from a variety of industries dedicated to the successful development of professional women in the utilities industries.

Women in Utilities is designed to provide both an educational platform for development and a venue for the recognizing female professionals and their perspectives, visions and best practices. These complementary presentations that are thought provoking, timely and relevant.

Experience the expertise of other professional women for the best information on trends, issues, products, services,  successes and business theory or contact CS Week, Lisa Collins for information about opportunities to share your professional experiences with others!

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It’s a universal truth of the human condition: we grow, we adapt and change. Each stage requires passage from the before to the now and sometimes to the unknown. Our passages are guided by people like parents, family, teachers, coaches, colleagues and bosses who help us understand external events and process them internally in supportive, positive ways. That’s the theme of CS Week 2023’s Women in Utilities, Passages: Navigating Change in Positive Ways. Stay tuned for two, hour-long webinars, tentatively scheduled for this March and April, from utility colleagues who have passage stories to share. Our presenters will focus on topics like the role of mentoring/coaching, the career/growth opportunities that passages offer, and how resiliency and ‘balcony people’ can help us overcome failure, transforming it into personal renewal. Their perspectives will be synthesized into a panel discussion for Thursday’s Women in Utilities’ Workshop at Conference 47, with a chance to reflect on and share your own passages as well.

2023 Webinars:

Career Ladders & Career Lattices | April 6, 2023 | 1 pm CDT

What’s the difference between a ladder versus a lattice? Both are usually made of wood, they represent passages between where you are, where you’ve been and next steps or intersectional choices. In this second webinar, moderator Elizabeth Paulson will queue up questions for our three panelists to describe the ladders and lattices in their professional and personal lives that have brought opportunities for growth and self-actualization. Tune in or log in later on demand to hear from women in utilities who have passage stories to tell.


Elizabeth Paulson
Customer Assistance Programs Mgr


Theresa Burch
Mgr, Customer Solutions,
Billing & Payments

Puget Sound Energy


Elvi Rivas
Sr Specialist, Steam Technology & 
Cyber Security 

Consolidated Edison of NY


Elaine Veselka
VP, Customer Acct Mgmt
Austin Energy

Reflections on Retirement x3

This webinar focuses on the nuanced thoughts, ideas, planning and emotions during the period leading toward retirement and beyond. Our panelists are Dr. Alisa Mann, Connie McIntyre and Andrea Pelt-Thornton, all long-tenured utility employees who walked different paths to retirement. Listen as they share insights gained before, during and after the passages into their next life chapters.

On-Demand Webinars

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Empowering Women to Think Like a CEO
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Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion: Effective Ways to Toot Your Own Horn


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