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Welcome to CS Week!

Hello from Sherman, Texas, the headquarters of CS Week! I’ve been associated with the largest utility CX event on the planet for decades and both a witness and participant to many tectonic industry changes. 

This evolution has been exciting. I enjoy the business of utilities; I like that customer service operations keep changing to be better, faster and more reliable. That’s also the stuff of CS Week, presenting today’s challenges and solutions while anticipating tomorrow’s. Utility professionals are unique in this conference space because they readily share and seek collaboration. Their willingness to openly show and tell both success stories and lessons learned from missteps is the key ingredient in CS Week’s secret sauce. Because of that transparency, utility professionals and industry sponsors/exhibitors trust CS Week.

I’m no palm reader, but my inner crystal ball predicts more of the same: incredible utility change, societal shifts and other industries’ trends spilling over into electric, gas and water customer service. This dynamic opens many opportunities for CS Week to continue to be relevant, relatable and rewarding. There are many; here’s my top 10 topics utilities are facing today and tomorrow:


Rod Litke
CEO, CS Week

  1. Conservation efforts, water supply challenges, energy transition programs and the ‘greening’ of utilities and customers

  2. Workforce and workplace evolution including remote work, DEI initiatives and social justice imperatives

  3. Financial impacts spawned by inflation; the economy; electric, gas and water infrastructure demands positioned against required investments; and, of course, omnipresent rate/tariff challenges

  4. EVs and their myriad of infrastructure, CX and demand issues

  5. Cyber Security concerns, safeguards and remediation

  6. Increased frequency and severity of adverse weather events

  7. Competition and demand for behind-the-meter services

  8. Proactive and comprehensive customer assistance programs

  9. Digital transformation ushered in by digital currencies and generative AI

  10. “Big data” from disparate systems and how aggregation/disaggregation and advanced analytics are transforming customer/utility engagement

Count on us to continue to provide role models, solid examples and respected resources to meet these challenges. Together, we will continue to be your comprehensive, affordable, solutions-oriented, must-go utility customer service conference. Visit other tabs and website pages for information or call
903-893-3214 to talk personally with our knowledgeable staff. I look forward to welcoming you to the next CS Week!

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