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Conference 47 in Charlotte, NC will offer 60 + Workshops. Workshops are presented Wednesday and Thursday.

Each workshop will be one hour. This includes an introduction from a Planning Committee Member, 40-45 minutes for presentation of workshop content, and 10-15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of your session.

Workshops must include a utility presenter. Vendors are welcome to submit an abstract as a co-presenter with a utility. Workshops will refrain from using the presentation as an advertisement for a specific product or service, but offer the “real life” utility benefit to speak for itself. We ask that you be available for any technical information that is required to tell the “story”. 


CS Week 2023
May 1 - 5, 2023

Conference 47 Workshops

May 3 - 4, 2023

CS Week reserves the right to combine submitted abstract "topics" into panel discussions and tweak titles, objectives and summaries as needed.

When selected, each presenter will sign speaker permission, complete an outline of the proposed session, then submit their presentation in PowerPoint format to be reviewed and critiqued by a Planning Committee member and will be required to finalize the presentation in February/March 2023. CS Week reserves the right to cancel any workshop that has not submitted the final draft by March.


Scope - Must be relevant to conference attendees, fit into the CX Puzzle tracks, and supported by summary and learning objectives.

Quality - Will be reviewed for attention to detail, relevance, originality and innovation.

Adherence to Published Submission Guidelines - Must be submitted online.

Abstract Selection is Competitive - Make yours stand out among the hundreds submitted annually.


Provide the Primary Contact Name and Info for the person submitting the abstract. It may be different from the "Presenter", such as an assistant.

Choose a track* from the CX Puzzle that best fits your abstract.

Provide a title – LESS than 10 words.

Write a summary/description - 50  to 200 words.

Write three concise learning objectives - focusing on what knowledge participants will gain from the presentation. Each learning objective should be 15 words or less.

Provide Presenter and Co-Presenter (if applicable) information. List more presenters in your summary if necessary, along with reasons for more presenters.


Assist us in providing a quality educational experience for Conference participants by adhering to our philosophy that all presentations be non-commercial. Vendor/Consultant submitters are required to partner with a utility client to tell their story (presentation should not be a sales pitch).

After submission, an email confirmation will give you a copy of your submitted abstract.

*CS Week has added "Disruptors" a new track to the CX Puzzle! Replacing our retired Analytics track, Disruptors presents utility responses/programs that address internal and external business process disruptors like ESG, climate action, carbon neutrality, social justice, supply chain and the evolving workforce.

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