CS Week Third Tuesday and Thursday Webinars

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CS Week Marketplace introduces Third Tuesday and Thursday Webinars which tap the leading expertise and industry perspectives of top CS Week sponsors. Visit our educational webinars for the best in fresh presentations, breakthrough industry topics, and applied best practices all dedicated to your markets.

On Demand Webinars:

 Click to View  4/20/2017  How Self-Service Tools Prep Your Utility for the New Customer-Centric Universe
 Click to View  3/21/2017  Before the Storm: Preparing to Thrive, Not Just Survive - Following Your CIS Implementation
 Click to View  2/21/2017  Why DC Water Is Implementing Cloud
 Click to View  11/15/2016  Mobile First Strategy: A Win-Win for Utility & End Consumers
 Click to View  09/22/2016  Where New Customer Contact Preferences and the Legacy Utility CIS Collide
 Click to View  08/18/2016  The Internet-of-Things for Utilities. Here.Now. This is what it looks like.
 Click to View  07/21/2016  Utility Marketplaces Animating Market Transformation in New York and Beyond
 Click to View  07/19/2016  TCPA: What Utilities Need to Know About Mitigating Risk in Outbound Customer Communications
 Click to View  06/23/2016  Why CIS Satisfaction is Waning & What Utilities are Doing About It
 Click to View  06/21/2016  CIS Done Right: Alliant Energy's Implementation Story
 Click to View  03/17/2016  Making SME Customer Engagements More Impactful: A Case Study on PG&E's Business Energy Report  Program
 Click to View  03/15/2016  Arizona Public Service (APS) CIS Transformational Journey
 Click to View  02/18/2016  Digital Roadmap for the Utilities Industry
 Click to View  02/16/2016  Unwritten Rules of CIS Selection
 Click to View  01/21/2016  The New Age of CIS Replacement Risk Mitigation
 Click to View  10/20/2015  Moments That Matter: The Billing Experience From the Customer Perspective
 Click to View  09/17/2015  Building Consumer Proximity Through Ubiquity: Business Cases for Interacting with Consumers in Their Preferred Channels
 Click to View  09/15/2015  Easy To Use & Intuitive Customer Interactions: Better Service, Better Satisfaction
 Click to View  08/20/2015  Digital Transformation in Customer Service Explained: 5 Key Considerations to Be Ready for Utilities of the Future
 Click to View  07/21/2015  Unfolding Utility Digital Customer Engagement and Communication
 Click to View  06/16/2015  Top 5 Things Utilities are Doing Right in Customer Experience (and a few tips on how to do even better, easily)
 Click to View  06/02/2015  CIS Success: Best Practices from an Award-Winning CIS Implementation
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 04/09/2015  SDG&E Marketplace: Expanding the Utility-Customer Experience
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 How to Become a Utility of the Future
 Click to View   11/18/2014   The Power of Behavioral Design Lessons for Energy Providers 

 Click to View  10/21/2014  The Future of Utility Customer Service: Digital, Data-Driven and Affordable
 Click to View  08/19/2014  CenterPoint Energy - Call Center Predictive Analytics Engine
 Click to View  04/22/2014  CIS Implementation Case Study
 Click to View  04/15/2014  Focusing on Core Operations: Maximizing Value through Managed Services
 Click to View  03/18/2014  Smart Grid Ready Customer Information Systems
 Click to View  01/21/2014  The Importance of Thinking About OCM Early On
 Click to View  11/19/2013  The Five Universal Truths of the Energy Consumer
 Click to View  10/15/2013  Doing More with Less! Leverage Analytics to Deliver Superior Customer Experience
 Click to View  08/20/2013  The Data Driven Utility – How the Modern Utility Leverages Intelligent Data Across the Enterprise
 Click to View  03/12/2013  Connecting our Customers to a Smart Energy Future
 Click to View  02/19/2013  Empowered Consumers: Future-Proofing Electric Utility Services

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 02/19/2013  Using Analytics and Distribution Automation to Realize Greater Benefits of the Smart Grid
 Click to View  01/15/2013  CIS Roundup – Lessons Learned & A Look Forward
 Click to View  12/11/2012  Driving Customer Service Excellence through a Strategic Service Plan
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 Real-time Data – The Key to Simultaneously Improving your Customers' Perception of your Operation and your Corporate Performance
 Click to View  10/16/2012  Customer Service to Customer Experience Management - The Changing Paradigm
 Click to View  08/21/2012  Providing for "The New Customer Engagement"