Submission deadline Extended:   Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Each presentation will run 45 minutes.

The presenter will give a presentation that will last approximately 15 - 20.  The remaining 25 - 30 minutes of the session will be reserved for Q & A and discussion.  A planning or steering committee member will introduce the speaker and help facilitate the Q&A / discussion time at the end of the presentation.

When selected, the presenter will sign speaker permissions, complete an outline of proposed session, then submit their presentation in PowerPoint format to be reviewed and critiqued by a Planning Committee member.

After conference, all Synergy attendees will receive a copy of the presentation in PDF form.

Abstract selection is competitive - Please follow the instructions and guidelines outlined below to assure that your submission is considered.
Scope -
must be relevant to conference attendees, true to the Customer Experience Lifecycle, and supported by outlined learning objectives.
Quality - Abstracts will be reviewed for attention to detail, relevance, originality, and innovation.
Adherence to Published Submission Guidelines - All abstracts must be submitted online. They will not be accepted in any other format.


Provide the Primary Contact name and info for the person submitting the abstract. It may be different than the "Presenter", such as an assistant.

Choose A Synergy Group that best describes your abstract.

Provide a title – LESS than 10 words.

Write summary/description - 50  to 100 words.

Provide Presenter and Co-Presenter (if applicable) information. List more presenters in your summary if necessary, along with reasons for more presenters.

The survey says... topics attendees would like to see in 2020:

Analytics :                                                " Predicting customer behavior through analytics."
                                                                        "Driving a culture of data-driven decision making. More for those
                                                                          organizations that are not as advanced in analytics yet." 

Billing & Payments:
                           "Emerging technologies for utilities"
                                                                        "Billing and web design." 

Contact Center:                                    "Presentations on contact center performance overview and
                                                                           best practices."
                                                                        "Quality assurance, more detail on 1st call, voice analytics,
                                                                           resolution training."                 

Credit & Collections :                        "Use of AI to automate analysis and reporting for credit collections ops."
                                                                        " Customer behavior and collection processes."

Customer Assistance:                        "How does your call center help?"
(Formerly Low Income)                            "Consumer engagement relative to advice, program info and alerts." 

Digital Customer Engagement:  "More details on outage communications, how do we use technology to be
                                                                          more accurate and timely.  Demos."
                                                                                 "Individualization, personalization of service"

Field Services :                                      " Post AMI impacts a loss of work orders."
                                                                        "More presentations on safety in neighborhood and transitioning
                                                                          workforce due to the increase of AMI."

Outage Communications:              "TCPA presentation and the field service viewpoint"
                                                                                 "Quality assurance scoring, call information, rep adoption and setting goals"

Please assist us in providing a quality educational experience for Synergy Group participants by adhering to our philosophy that all presentations must be non-commercial. The Vendor/Consultant submitting an abstract presentation may not use this time as a sales pitch.


Abstract Submission:
 Extended to Aug. 21

Outline Due: Dec. 13
1st Draft PowerPoint Due: Jan. 31
Final PowerPoint Due: Feb. 28

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May 18 - 19, 2020

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May 20 - 22, 2020

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May 20 - 22, 2020

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