• Educate membership on current issues, trends, and solutions related to outage communications in utilities;
  • Provide access to the knowledge base of other utility outage communications group members;
  • Create year-round networking opportunities through webcasts, blogs/newsletters, face-to-face meetings and other discussion forums;
  • Create professional development opportunities that include networking with synergy group participants.



  • Open to all utility staff with an interest in outage communications activities;
  • Steering Committee membership open to utility leaders who are involved with outage communications;
  • Administrative support for the steering committee and the meetings provided by CS Week.



The interest of the CS Week Outage Communications Synergy Group include those components of outage management related to customer communications: 

  • initial outage reporting,
  • important outage status information
  • estimated time of restoration (ETR) calculation and communication,
  • status of crew,
  • final restoration communications,      
  • cause of outage communications,
  • safety and outage survival tips,
  • impact on customer satisfaction (both business and residential),
  • communication channels and related technologies,
  • story and media management.

If you have a Synergy Group question, please contact:

Shawnna Ansley

Synergy Groups Manager