• Educate members on current issues, trends, and solutions related to analytics in utilities;

  • Provide networking access to the knowledge base of other utility smart infrastructure members;

  • Create year-round networking opportunities through webcasts, blogs/newsletters, face-to-face meetings and other discussion forums;

  • Create professional development opportunities that include networking participants.



  • Open to all registered CS Week attendees with an interest in analytic activities;

  • Steering Committee membership open to utility company staff who work in related areas at their company;

  • Administrative support for the steering committee and the meetings provided by CS Week.



The CS Week Analytics Synergy Group includes the following topics for gas, electric, and water utilities:

  • AMI/AMR;

  • Communications Architecture;

  • Meter Inventory;

  • Pre-Pay Metering and technology;

  • Meter Read Routing;

  • GIS;

  • MDM;

  • Load Management;

  • Load Profiling;

  • Transition Strategies for AMR;

  • Demand Response/Demand Management;

  • Dynamic/real-time/critical peak pricing options;

  • Optimization of multiple energy sources (gas/water/electric);

  • Integration of renewables, storage and Distributed Generation (including microgrid);

  • Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV);

  • Home area networks/energy management systems/Consumer Displays and Control;

  • Leveraging 3rd party telecommunications providers;

  • Managing time sensitive data (energy infrastructure and customer data);

  • Analytics;

  • Revenue assurance and protection.

Analytics is open to Utility, Vendor and Non-exhibitor attendees.



If you have a Synergy Group question, please contact:

Shawnna Ansley

Synergy Groups Manager