Advance electric vehicle infrastructure and vehicle adoption and create a positive overall customer experience through the sharing of industry best practices. Specifically, this group will address the customer experience, reporting and metrics, infrastructure deployment, pricing and rates, and cross-cutting issues.

Who Should Attend:

  • This Forum is open to utility professionals, across all organizational units that touch electric vehicle services, interested in learning from others who have already created or who are developing the customer/field service infrastructure necessary to support EV users;
  • Steering Committee membership is open to utility managers and above.
  • Like all Synergy Groups, CS Week staff provides administrative support for this Committee’s meetings, educational outreach and networking goals.


    Utilities are increasingly engaged in building electric vehicle infrastructure and supporting the adoption of EVs by customers. As this infrastructure is established, it creates many opportunities to connect our customers with information, education, services, and pricing mechanisms.


    • Establish industry EVCx venue(s) to share best practices and develop industry standards
    • Establish utility leader sponsors
    • Establish guiding principles of membership
    • Establish governance for EVCx effort
    • Define measures of success of this effort
    • Create both in person and virtual convening and establish cadence for meetings
    • Publish value added insights, metrics and recommendations

    EVCx Industry Sponsors:

    If you have a Synergy Group question, please contact:

    Shawnna Ansley

    Synergy Groups Manager