• Educate membership on current issues, data trends, and solutions related to low income and at-risk utility customers;

  • Enable networking and solution-sharing between utilities as they address similar customer challenges;

  • Create year-round learning opportunities through webcasts, blogs, newsletters, face-to-face meetings and other discussion forums;

  • Link utility companies with industry sponsor National Energy and Utility Affordability Council (NEUAC) who have proven, data-driven methodologies and options;




  • The CS Week Customer Assistance Synergy Group is open to utility staff who are currently engaged in providing services to or have an interest in learning more about low income and at-risk customer programs and services;

  • Steering Committee membership is open to utility and industry professionals who are currently involved in providing programmatic solutions/incentives for low income and at-risk customers, assisting those unable to pay utility bills and consumers who could improve their quality of life by engaging with other community resources;

  • Administrative support for the Steering Committee and its meetings are provided by CS Week;

If you have a Synergy Group question, please contact:

Shawnna Ansley

Synergy Groups Manager

Industry Sponsor