CS Week is pleased to announce the Water Customer Service Executive Council.  The council is comprised of  executives from across North America with a mission to advance customer service in water & waste water utilities.  This venue will offer an invitation only  breakout session of the Executive Summit on Tuesday, April 9, 2019  at the Phoenix Convention Center - Phoenix, AZ.  They will meet to discuss timely and relevant topics of importance to water utility executives.

View the agenda here

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, please contact Lisa Collins, lcollins@csweek.org or (903) 821-8675.


William Kephart, * 2020 Chairperson
Dir, Utility Customer Ops
Veolia Water America
Mike Aragon
Dir, Customer Relations
Denver Water
Theresa Baptiste
Dir, Customer Service
Cal Water
Timothy Davis
Dir, Revenue Measurement & Control
Austin Energy
Jeff Farney
Southwest Water Company
Jeffrey Jones
Water Meter Program Mgr
Charlotte Water
Kathy Koch
Dir, Customer Service
Portland Water Bureau
Gregory Sawyers
Dir, Customer Relationships
Citizens Energy Group
Kara Shuror
Deputy Water Dir
Fort Worth Water Department
Steve Miller
Chief, Customer Service
Charlotte Water