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Welcome to a free, educational venue of the CS Week family – CS Week Web Ed Webinars. 

CS Week Web Ed joins the other CS Week webinar series with one-of-a-kind offerings and timely topics which impact utilities in a broader way. Without a regular schedule, CS Week Web Ed will instead offer webinars that bring to light for broader utility education those unexpected surprises, opportunities, extras and bonuses.  So now CS Week has “a time and place for everything.”

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   September 17, 2019    Leading the EV Charging Revolution: One Customer at a Time
         Penni McLean-Conner, SVP and CCO, Eversource
    Eversource is helping cities, towns and businesses across Massachusetts install EV charging stations by providing expert guidance and paying for 50 to 90 percent of the associated costs. Their support for EV charging stations is powering the possible and lowering carbon emissions by enabling up to 4,000 EV charging ports over the next three years and creating one of the largest EV charging networks in the country.
  August 20, 2019    ConEd’s Electric Vehicle story in New York City
         John ShipmanDept Mgr Electric VehiclesConsolidated Edison of New York
    Launching its user group at CS Week 44 in Fort Worth, the Electric Vehicle Customer Experience Group will be a members-only confab similar to the Key Account Research and Utilities United Against Scams groups. Its goal? To advance electric vehicle infrastructure and vehicle adoption and create a positive overall customer experience through the sharing of industry best practices. This group will specifically address the customer experience, reporting and metrics, infrastructure deployment, pricing and rates, and cross-cutting issues.
  June 26, 2019   Innovations in Blocking Utility Phone Scam Calls
        Marybeth Degeorgis, Sr Product Mgmt Dir of Communications Solutions, Neustar
    Jonjie Sena,
Sr Dir of Product Marketing, Neustar
    Mitchell Young
, Exec Dir of Identity Risk Solutions, Neustar
    Did you know that utility customers are ten times more likely to be scammed over the phone than through any other communication channel? With the dramatic rise in unwanted robo-calling and caller fraud, some utilities report receiving thousands of phone scam complaints annually from customers.  Sound alarming or familiar? More so than ever, utilities need to protect their customers and their brand’s reputation.

Neustar can help. As the leading provider of caller ID services in the US, Neustar can stop fraudsters before your customer picks up the phone. Protect your customers against scams through action, not just education.

Join this talk to learn about solutions to improve outbound dialing strategies, including:

•    Improving customer experience with more effective communications by phone
•    How to ensure your calls are not being identified as spam or robocalls
•    Protecting your brand and customer service numbers from being spoofed by scammers
•    Best practices for business caller identification and creating trust with consumers
 June 11, 2019   Accelerating Digital Transformation for Utilities by Improving Digital Customer Engagement and Experience
        Kevin Jackson, Mgr HRIS Transformation, Oklahoma Gas & Electric
    Jim Devine, Chief Share Service Officer, Corix Group
    Lance Brown, VP, Customer Solutions, SEW (Smart Energy Water)
    To keep pace with ongoing industry transformation, energy and water utility service providers are remodeling their business processes to leverage digital technologies that not only meet customer expectations but also deliver a greater impact across utility customer value chain. A more flexible and agile service model with customer focused strategy will accelerate the end user experience through digital channels. In this webinar, experts from SEW, Corix Utility Group, and Oklahoma Gas & Electric will share how digital and mobile customer engagement platforms are helping energy and water utilities to address the biggest challenges they face today and seamlessly connect customers.
  June 28, 2018   Driving Water Conservation and Operational Efficiency through Digital Customer Engagement
        Tarun Malhotra, ERP Mgr, City of San Diego
    Joanne Fletcher, VP, Energy and Water Solutions, SEW
    In this webinar, SEW will discuss how they partnered with City of San Diego (COSD) and implemented digital customer engagement platform to provide insights into their water use with smart meter data during California drought and improved digital adoption through mobile and web self-service options to pay bills, submit service requests, report outages, receive water leak alerts, and participate in conservation programs. This webinar will also showcase how COSD have digitally transformed their relationship with customers by meeting their expectations and delivering excellent customer service.
 June 13, 2018   Phone Data Management Is More Than Just TCPA
        Lara Ringness, Business Delivery Manager, Data Management, Pugent Sound Energy
        Mitchell Young, Executive Director, Identity Solutions, Neustar
    Neustar and Puget Sound Energy Discuss How Better Phone Data Can Increase Call Center Identification Rates and IVR Containment, Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Costs Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has a Get-To-Zero corporate initiative to reduce customer problems and minimize the need for live agent calls. The organization also wanted to improve the overall customer experience through increased self-service and needed a more efficient way to correctly identify inbound customers. Neustar’s phone data management services are used by utility organizations to both mitigate TCPA risk exposure and improve call center operations. Neustar enabled PSE to improve their caller identification and promote customer self-service while simultaneously bringing live agent efficiencies. Industry benchmarks show that, on average, 20% of utility customer phone data is wrong. This impacts outbound communications where calls or texts to wrong phone numbers are at risk of violating TCPA regulations. It also impacts inbound communications, where a lack of data means difficulty and friction in identifying callers.
• Learn about consumer data accuracy and the impact on utility operations for inbound and outbound communications;
• Hear about the Puget Sound Energy Get-To-Zero program and key data management metrics;
• Understand the impact that Puget Sound Energy is seeing on inbound call identification and operational cost savings.
 September 29, 2016   TCPA and Utilities: FCC Clarifies Requirements for Calls and Texts
        Mitchell Young, Executive Director, Fraud, Risk & Compliance, Neustar
        Kristine L. Devine, Partner, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis, LLP
        Becky Burr, Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Neustar
 January 26,  2016   Rethinking Utility Customer Care for Our Connected World , Featuring Todd Arnold
        Todd Arnold, Former SVP, Smart Grid Customer Systems, Duke Energy (Retired)
 December 18, 2015
  It Could Happen to Anyone: The Evolving Challenge of Phone Scams Targeting Utility Customers
        Jared Lawrence, VP Revenue Services, Duke Energy
Christopher Guerra, Sr. Manager, Risk Management AMI/Fraud Prevention & Investigations,
 Blackhawk Network