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Outline Due: Dec. 3
1st Draft PowerPoint Due: Jan. 18
Final PowerPoint Due: Feb. 18

Registration Live: Open Now
Winter Newsline: Dec 3
Program: Dec 14
Spring Newsline: Feb 9
On-Site Guide: Feb 15

College and Synergy
April 8 - 9, 2019

Conference 43
April 9 - 12, 2019

Conference 43 Workshops
April 10 - 12, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

    Phoenix Convention Center
                100 N. 3rd Street -- "North Building"
   All workshops will be on the first floor.
   Upon arrival, sign in at Registration, on third floor
   to pick up your Conference Badge.
   Then visit the “Speaker Ready Room” 128 B to locate your deck

  Do I have to use the CS Week PowerPoint template or can I just use my own? Which
slide size, 4:3 or 16:9? 
Response: Please use 16:9
The required slide template (available by download) includes three slide masters. 
Pick your favorite design .  
Vendor logos are only permitted on your intro and contact info slides.  
Utility logos may be placed on each slide if required by your utility
CS Week logo: 

Question: My file is almost 2GB, how can i send it to you? is free and easy to load and send.
                                  Or use DropBox to send directly to  Danise at CS Week and she will forward to PC.

Question:  Once I submit my PowerPoint to CS Week, can I make changes to it?  I may want to update it at the last minute.
Response:On-Site changes to your presentation are NOT encouraged.  Although you can  make last minute changes, it is best if you can get us a final copy of your presentation by the Feb 18, 2019 deadline.  It is your responsibility to make sure the current deck is loaded in the Speaker Ready Room on-site  and AV is notified of changes if made. 

Question:  I am waiting for updated information to be made available for use in my presentation.  Why do you need the presentations so far in advance?
Response: Many logistics are involved in preparing for a successful conference.  Reviewing and loading PowerPoint's, Signage, room layouts, speaker introductions, etc to ensure accurate and uniform content is only part of what occurs in the final month as the conference nears.  Your compliance to the schedule ensures that we have all the necessary resources to make your presentation as successful as possible.  Additionally, CS Week plans to offer a pdf copy of your presentation to all attendees.

Question:  Will I be able to review my deck on-site before my presentation?
Response: Yes, we have a Speaker Ready room (128B)  on-site .  
The Speaker Ready room will allow you to  find and view your deck, practice with the clicker or use the laptop to move slides.  
OPEN HOURS:  Tuesday  - Thursday (8 am - 4pm) 
Your Workshop Room will have the following equipment for you to make your presentation:    
LCD projector with large screen, Elevated stage that has podium and a speaker table with 3 chairs (for panel presentations),  Laptop computer with PowerPoint software and your deck loaded and ready,  Sound equipment for a room up to 200 persons, Microphones - Podium, lavaliere  and wireless.

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