CS Week Attendee Perspectives

Who is going to be more honest than utility professionals who have to tell their bosses on Monday why CS Week was worth the time and money to attend? So many new attendees every year, so many annual participants, a wealth of superior presenters willing to share their expertise – it’s a formula to advance and enrich the professionalism and services of utilities across North America and the world.

Listen as these fast-paced videos presents your peers discussing frankly their takeaway on CS Week and its real value when they get back to work.


2018 Attendee Perspectives

Tampa, FL

Business card swapping, energetic presentations from experienced leaders, industry recognition, inspiring keynote speakers, operations-focused conversations, exhibitors who show-and tell to meet your company’s initiatives and programs. Need more examples why CS Week is such a worthwhile investment of your utility’s time and money? Listen as first-time and repeat attendees reflect on the personal and professional value of CS Week, along with the takeaways they pack for home.