Leadership Lessons Learned From Our Mentors: Time-Honoured Values That Are Shaping the Utility Customer Experience of the Future

By: David McKendry
Applicable to any personal or business setting, Leadership Lessons Learned from Our Mentors by David J. McKendry, is an easy-read compilation of universal values showing how to get things done through your most important asset – people.
  • 40 chapters from successful utility customer service executives, directors and managers, together representing a combined 2,000 years of experience
  • 470 time-honoured leadership lessons
  • Honest, evocative and personal stories about mentors whose words and actions chalk up valuable lessons
Written in first person, Leadership Lessons Learned shares battle-tested secrets to success from respected utility thought leaders across North America. These professionals are guiding the utility customer experience for essential “life blood” services such as electricity, gas and water to millions of residential and business consumers.

As one of his mentors described him, “Dave, an idea machine with a natural bent on strategic thinking, wears passion for the ideas on his sleeves.” – Norm Fraser

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McKendry is Senior Fellow at the Canadian Electricity Association – the National Voice of Electricity in Canada. He provides guidance on Electricity Distribution, Customer Service, Emerging Technologies and Issues; he is a coach and mentor.

Prior to joining CEA in 2018, McKendry served for fifteen years as Director Customer Service for Hydro Ottawa. His emphasis on leadership excellence coupled with an obsession to achieve effective, repeatable and positive customer experiences are cornerstones to his success.