CS Week’s 2020 Key Forum Account originally set for May 18-19 in Fort Worth, TX was cancelled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned as we work with our Key Account Forum Steering Committee to reschedule or restyle a future face-to-face meeting opportunity later this fall. All decisions will comply with local, state and federal restrictions/bans and will be communicated to you personally via email and here on csweek.org. Thank you for your continued support!



noun  fo·rum \ˈfȯr-əm \

1b: a public meeting place for open discussion 

Key Account Forum is strategically designed to support and develop knowledge about the management and maintenance of utility key account programs. Attendees also learn how to enhance their program’s marketing and sales skills. Most attendees are electric and gas professionals; however, content is not specific to those utilities and other types like water/wastewater and cable will find value in the presentations, shared discussion and resources offered. This two day meeting provides a forum for Utility management of Key Account programs.

Key Account Forum focuses on 10 skillsets and more:

  1. Account management techniques;
  2. Best practices in marketing and sales (both inside and outside the utility industry);
  3. C-SAT (customer satisfaction) improvements;
  4. Channel management for large accounts;
  5. CRM and CIS systems;
  6. Cultivating a sales environment;
  7. Data sharing
  8. Development of great key account managers;
  9. Marketplace solutions that support key/specialized account management programs;
  10. Segmentation, selection practices and using 3rd party data to enhance demographics.

The easy conversation with other managers engaged in the industry will likely extend beyond this two day event to become contacts that you can call, ask questions, bounce off ideas, and compare and contrast your utility’s operations with theirs.

CS Week Research convenes the day following Key Account Forum in a comprehensive meeting. Find out about becoming a CS Week Research  member to participate in the annual Benchmark Study and receive its yearly report.



If you have questions regarding Key Account Forum, please contact:

Rachel White

Key Account Forum Manager

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