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Paved in 2019 by eight industry partners, Innovation Alley offered short, focused presentations, similar to TED Talks©, around the theme of innovation. Speakers with a handful of PowerPoint slides teed-up stretch topics and various approaches that piqued attendees to adjourn to their Exhibit Hall booths for more discussion.

CS Week invites Platinum and Gold Sponsors to pave the next lane of Innovation Alley with their 7-minute talks.

Innovation in...


Innovation in...


  The Rise of the Robo-CIS: Could Autonomous Tech Transform Customer Ops? 

Consumer Energy Management with AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization

  CX: The Next Digital Utility Revolution

Customer Energy Experiences

Downstream Marketing 

For more information about becoming a Platinum or Gold Sponsor and participating in Innovation Talks,
contact Lisa Collins at 903-893-3214.

Lisa Collins

Education Director
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