At the Intersection of Experienced and Leading-Edge

Paved in 2019 by eight industry partners, Innovation Alley offered short, focused presentations, similar to TED Talks©, around the theme of innovation. Speakers with a handful of PowerPoint slides teed-up stretch topics and various approaches that piqued attendees to adjourn to their Exhibit Hall booths for more discussion.

For 2020, we are excited to bring you a new set of Innovation Talks! CS Week invites Platinum and Gold Sponsors to pave the next lane of Innovation Alley with their 7-minute talks.

Wedneday's Topics - Innovation in...


 Thursday's Topics - Innovation in...

1 pm  Customer-Centricity

  1:19 pm  The Rise of the Robo-CIS: Could Autonomous Tech Transform Customer Ops? 

1:10 pm  Consumer Energy Management with AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization

  1:37 pm  CX: The Next Digital Utility Revolution

1:19 pm  Customer Energy Experiences

1:37 pm  Downstream Marketing 

For more information about becoming a Platinum or Gold Sponsor and participating in Innovation Talks,
contact Lisa Collins at 903-893-3214.

Lisa Collins

Education Director
(903) 893-3214