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Utilizing Big Data to Enhance SMB Customer Outreach 
Sarah Jin,  PG&E
Tina Williams,  PG&E

New Customer Values Through Smart Analytics
Josh Bond,  California Water Service
Vikram Takru,  KlouGin

Embracing VOC to Improve the Customer Experience
Rob Pinkasavage,  CenterPoint Energy

Improving Accuracy and Reducing Costs with Drive-By Data
Chad Moore,  Las Vegas Valley Water District

Reliability Analysis: Realizing Value by Proactively Improving Restoration Efforts
Rod Jensen,  Otter Tail Power Company

Lessons Learned on Our Journey to Improve Reporting and Analytics
Evan Stout,  Southern Company Gas

Unleashing the Power of Existing Data
Laura Butler,  Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Call Center Operator Utilization
Robert Jones,  Oncor Electric Delivery

  Digital Customer Engagement

Providing Award Winning Service Through Online Engagement
Laurie Giammona,  Pacific Gas & Electric
Helen Burt,  Utilligent

Elevating the Customer Experience with a Mobile App
David McKendry,  Hydro Ottawa
David Ricottone,  Hydro Ottawa

Delivering A Customer-Managed Preference and Service Center Online
Margo Fengler-Nunn,  Tacoma Public Utilities
Jennifer Treece,  Tacoma Public Utilities

Leveraging Business Intelligence to Increase Engagement and Eliminate Pain Points
Marcie Forster,  Baltimore Gas & Electric
Indy Ratnathicam,  FirstFuel Software

Shaping Customer Experience Using Real-Time Controls & New Rate Plans
Zoran Stojanovic,  London Hydro
Connor Graham,  London Hydro

Letting the Customer Lead the Way
Sarah Zepnick,  Madison Gas  & Electric
Anna Laorr,  EY

Gas Emergency E-Learning
Antonio Diaz, III,  Con Edison of NY
Kiha Shuff,  Con Edison of NY

Evolving Customer Care to Boost Social Media Engagement
Sarah Sharp,  Entergy
Lisa Williams,  Southern Gas

  Field Customer Services

Reinventing the Customer Experience During Outages, an Agile Approach
Kassidy Warren,  Puget Sound Energy
Jamison Roof,  PA Consulting

Utilizing Data Analytics to Identify Broken Meters   
Timothy Hunt,  JEA

Mobile Work Management Benchmarking    
Lisa Nugent,  Anaheim Public Utilities

Meter to Cash Optimization Initiatives    
Paul Rao,  Fayetteville Public Works Commission

Utilizing Change Management Principles to Improve Safety in the Workplace    
Sean Dawson,  San Antonio Water System

Designing an Intentional Customer Experience During an Outage
Angel Watkins,  Ameren Illinois

Personnel Deployment During Mass Outages
Jenny Rohr,  Westar

  Strategies & Management

How Digital Labor Is Transforming Customer Service Operations    
Karen Cheung,  Southern California Edison
Alfred Ochoa,  Southern California Edison

Journey to Customer Experience    
Shanita Dunmore,  Gainesville Regional Utilities

Applying Analytics to Create Insights, Efficiencies and Value for Customers  
Raiford Smith,  Entergy
Best Practices in CIS Implementation
Katie Guice,  TECO Energy
Sandra Broughton and Cindi Reyes,  Southern Company Gas

Watch Out, Utilities: Airbnb, Uber and Blockchain Are Knocking on Your Doors    
Ethan Cohen,  Gartner

Transforming the Small and Medium Business Experience     
Michele Cavallo,  Duke Energy

Accelerating Internal Productivity & Energy Services    
Emily Nichols,  Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Cloud: Is It in Your Forecast?    
Tom Kuczynski and Charles Kiely,  DC Water and Sewer Authority
Eric Mastroni and Matt Sexton,  Consolidated Edison

Energizing Women in Utilities: Let's Talk About Work - Life Balance    
Elizabeth Paulson,  JEA
Rockie Solomon,  Eversource Energy
Laura Crouch,  TECO Energy
Karen Mincey,  TECO Energy

What's Your Number? Using the Enneagram to Encourage Employee Engagement    
Donna Williams-Ormond,  City of Richmond
Deborah Egerton,  Trinity Transition Consultants

  Sponsor Solutions

Strategic Electrification and the Alliant Energy Customer Experience
Austin  Whitman,  FirstFuel Software
Mary McNeill,  Alliant Energy

Utility Industry Disruption: 4 Profound Trends Impacting IT Modernization Projects
Mario Bauer,  TMG
Tim Almond,  TMG
Pam Glanvill,  TMG

Abracadabra! Amazonify Your Utility Customer Experience without a Huge Upgrade
Michael Rigney,   EnergySavvy
David Smith,   National Grid

Utility Platform for Digital Transformation
Nate  Healy,  Allconnect
Bill Nash,  PSE&G
Nathan Shannon,  Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

  Billing & Payments

Complex Bill Automation
    Renee Wagner,  Xcel Energy
    Stephanie Busch,  Xcel Energy

Engaging the Voice of the Customer in Bill Redesign
    Kris Hunter,  Orlando Utility Commission
    Leona Michelsen,  Central Maine Power Company

Taking a Bite Out of E-Check Fraud!    
    Jolanda Jordan,  Pinellas County Utilities

Utilizing Customer Analytics to Drive Electronic Billing Adoption
        John Meehan,  Citizens Energy Group

Michelle Somers,  PSEG Long Island

Moving Customers from Crisis to Sustainability
Francine Artis ,  Tacoma Public Utilities

Leveraging AI Technology to Improve the Bill Payment Experience    
    Luke Stowe,  City of Evanston
    Max Bisschop,  Alacriti

Applying Forensic Methodologies to Bill Print Review    
    Monica O'Brien,  Burbank Water and Power
    Derek Somerville,  Sure Power Consulting, LLC

Understanding Community Solar, Net Metering and Electric Vehicles    
 Stacy Phillips,  Duke Energy
   Lisa Carloni,  Eversource
Lang Reynolds,  Duke Energy

  Contact Center

Live Chat: Enabling Real-Time 2-Way Customer Communication
Gabriel Nunez,  Baltimore Gas & Electric

Remote Agents - Home Sweet Home - 0 Miles
Pamela Querio,  Baltimore Gas & Electric, an Excelon Company
David Drumm,  Exelon

Expanding What's Possible in Self-Service with Virtual Assistants
Randon Wilkins,  Salt River Project

Flipping the Customer Service Model
Jesse Hernandez,  CPS Energy

Free, Yes Free, Ways to Create a Culture of Engagement
Erin Owen,  Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Driving Performance with Behavior-Based Quality
Luis Berrios,  Suffolk County Water Authority

Customer Representatives Taking Training to the Next Level
Ronnie Mendoza,  Austin Energy
Madeline Campbell,  Austin Energy

From Strategy to Action - Creating the 2020 Contact Center
Jessica Fitzgerald,  Eversource
Kurt Belken,  Eversource
Dan van derHave,  Accenture

 Credit & Collections

Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Collection Activities
Dawn Mehrer,  FortisBC

Understanding Low-Income Utility Customers
Kristin Masoner,  Entergy
Katrina Metzler,  National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition

Getting Back to Normal After Disasters    
Mitch Carmosino,  Duke Energy
Karen Sparkman,  TECO Energy   
Robin Ferrary,  CenterPoint Energy

Leveraging Benefits of E-Notifications to Improve Customer Correspondence
Christina Veltkamp,  ENSTAR Gas
Sheila Dandal,  Origin Consulting

Data that Moves Collections Forward
Latrice Williams,  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Innovating the Credit and Collections Process to Achieve Strategic Success
Jeff Esserman,  Ameren Missouri

How to Mitigate Drop in Collections after CIS Go-Live

Clayton Dean,  TECO Energy
Durgesh Tiwari,  Deloitte Consulting

    2018 Expanding Excellence Awards

Winners of Best Analytics Project
Level 1 - Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Level 2 - Otter Tail Power Company

Winners of Best CIS Implementation
Level 1 - Arizona Public Service Electric Company

Winners of Innovation in  Digital Customer Engagement
Level 1 - Consumers Energy
Level 2 - London Hydro

Winners of Innovation in People & Process

Level 1 - CPS Energy
Level 2 - Intermountain Rural Electric Association

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