Utilizing the Cloud to Maximize Your Digital Strategy


Rick Cutter, Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners
Steve Wenke, Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners
Christina SchuenemanSenior ConsultantAAC Utility Partners


Meeting customer expectations (both internal and external) requires thoughtful adoption of new technology. Gone are the days where a Utility can expect to implement a mission critical system – whether Customer Information, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Work Management, Financial Information Management, etc. – and have two or three upgrades carry them through a 15-year period. This course will walk participants through the varying cloud options available in the Utility space, and how they can help your organization adapt to changing business, customer, and regulatory expectations, today and over the life of your solution. Attendees will be well-equipped to anticipate and evaluate many of the hidden variables that emerge when evaluating cloud versus on-premise models. We will explore the new implementation approaches associated with cloud solutions and how to effectively manage through the implementation and also post go-live service level agreement management. Finally, we will provide insight and demonstrate tools to prepare attendees for the changing roles of staff when moving from an on-premise to a cloud solution.

Learning Objectives:

1.    Understanding “Cloud” as it pertains to the utility space including active participants
2.    Understanding how a SaaS “type” solution can enable seamless growth and innovation within an organization
3.    Building a business case for SaaS “type” solutions
        a.    Developing a cost model to understand on-premise vs. cloud options
        b.    Developing an evaluation model to correctly assess new solutions
4.    Understanding the agile implementation of cloud deployment as it can be effectively applied to mission
        critical projects – and understanding what doesn’t work.
5.    Preparing for the SaaS transformation
       a.    Understand the new roles required and how the IT department will shift its focus to support the new system.
       b.    Focus on testing
       c.    Service level agreement management
6.    Understanding ongoing operations utilizing SaaS

Who Should Attend?

Utility professionals responsible for leading the effort to replace or upgrade utility applications
Executives responsible for project justification to a Board of Directors, Public Utility Commission, or Utility Board
Decision makers and other members of utilities that want to understand the foundation of building a business case for upgrading, replacing, or outsourcing mission critical applications
Executive sponsors needing to fully understand the implementation process
Information technology professionals that support current legacy customer information systems and may be involved in a system transformation

About the Speakers

 Rick Cutter is a Managing Partner of AAC Utility Partners. Rick manages the implementation leadership team that supports AAC’s clients Project Strategy, Planning, Negotiations and Execution. He has more than 25 years’ technology management experience in the utility industry, including project management, software development, and application implementation.
   Steve Wenke is a Managing Partner of AAC Utility Partners. As senior partner over consulting services, Steve has successfully streamlined vendor assessment and selection activities to enhance the delivery of project management services to AAC’s varied clients. Steve brings a rich history of information systems experience with more than 18 years in the CIS and utility industries.
   Christina Schueneman is a Senior Consultant with AAC Utility Partners. Christina’s passion for improvement and her incredible motivation have driven her to complete her MBA, graduate from law school, build a business from the ground up, and manage large-scale system assessments and overhauls. A vital member of AAC’s senior project consultants, Christina has led and mentored project teams through implementation and integration of systems and products ranging from mobile app development, field mobile systems, online customer portals, and personalized Customer Information Systems.




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