True Moral Courage: Leadership Lessons From Shackleton and the ​Endurance ​Expedition



David Maddox, CEO, The Enduring Leadership Project



This course uses stories from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 expedition to Antarctica to drive discussions around the leadership challenges faced by today’s leaders.  This story of disaster and heroic rescue focuses on the skills leaders need to succeed under potentially hazardous, quickly changing conditions.  It focuses on three key factors for success:  The ability to select the right people and use them effectively, the ability to use strategic tools to respond to rapidly changing circumstances, and the importance of attitude in building and maintaining high morale that can withstand hardships and misfortune.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Develop an understanding of how to lead in times of rapidly-changing circumstances.
    2. Learn to apply new tools for building strong bonds and positive morale.
    3. Learn techniques for evaluating and prioritizing resources.
    4. Apply the principles of Learned Optimism.
    5. Identify ways to use people as powerful resources.
    6. Identify ways to use strategy as powerful a resource.
    7. Identify ways to use attitude as powerful a resource.



  • Anyone who leads others at any level, but especially for leaders facing a quickly-changing landscape.

About the Speaker

   David Maddox  is the CEO of The Enduring Leadership Project, a company that specializes in leadership development and organizational performance. Former paper boy, tour guide, lifeguard, and prison basketball coach- now, innovative, experienced leadership trainer and consultant dedicated to building courageous leaders. Committed to chasing leaders from their comfort zones and challenging their thinking. Pioneer in using experiential history activities to connect today's leaders to yesterday's leadership lessons in order to build confidence and inspire greatness. Experience working with leaders at all levels and walks of life, from public safety to preschool. ​Dave is a former training manager for the City of Richmond, Virginia. 
 He led a team responsible for providing employee development and organizational performance initiatives for approximately 4,000 employees. His internal clients included public safety, public utilities, social services, and many others. ​He also spent 14 years as a ropes course facilitator where he has worked with teams ranging from at-risk youth to corporate clients, sports teams, high school and college groups and many others. He is one of the few men to earn a Girl Scout High Adventure badge. ​Dave has also served as a law enforcement trainer and curriculum developer and spent nearly 20 years working in both state and federal corrections. ​The facilitation of strategic retreats, conducting training in leadership and team performance, and conference speaking engagements have been numbered among his works.

​Dave has zipped-lined upside-down and underground (not at the same time), ridden Segways in eight states, and swam with both manatees and stingrays (also not at the same time).  He lives in Richmond with his wife and an overweight guinea pig. 

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What others say about this course:

"I loved the tie-in to history and real-life examples." 

“I liked the variety of the presentation and discussion styles- self reflection, small and large group discussion, videos, and stories.  Wonderful presentation of an amazing story.”

“I love the storytelling and I think the reflective questions were really on point!  I like the group decision-making activities!”

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