Sustaining a Healthy Culture Where Employees Flourish and Your Utility Thrives


Dr. Kimberly Mitchell, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership
President, InterWeave

Culture can often be seen as one of those soft topics that is difficult to get your arms around and challenging to validate spending money to improve. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! There are measurable ways to assess how healthy your culture is. With specific details in hand, you are then equipped to enhance the health of your culture and positively impact your bottom line. Creating a healthy culture begins by understanding three foundational principles.


 Organizations are
full of emotions.
Negative emotions such
as fear or inadequacy
disrupt productivity
and confuse the vision.
How are you uncovering
negative emotions
and making space
for positive ones?


are key to your
success. Social
connections form
the foundations of
trusting and authentic
relationships. How
do you spend time
cultivating relationships


links emotions,
relationships, and
culture. How are
you developing the
people and processes
to promote workplace


Key Performance Indicators such as revenue, productivity, safety, customer satisfaction, or employee engagement are not enough to paint a complete and accurate picture of the state of your utility. By measuring the state of your leadership culture and whether individuals are flourishing, you will be able to reveal root causes for challenges such as low customer satisfaction, low employee morale, high turnover, and other organizational struggles. Are you looking for new ways to examine your organizational culture? Are you measuring employee engagement or looking for the next alternative to this important dimension to your business? Are you needing to move the dial on your KPIs and searching for ways to make a difference in your results? This interactive and dynamic course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to start examining your culture differently, and go back to your organization with the means to take the next step to making changes.


1. What is a healthy organizational culture? How do relationships between leaders and followers 
    contribute to a healthy culture?

            a. Define and observe culture through film clips

            b. Discuss the significance of emotions to culture

            c. Understand how to measure relationships between leaders and their followers 
                and relate relationships to culture.

2. What is workplace flourishing and how is it similar and different to employee engagement 
    or employee satisfaction?

           a. Share components of workplace flourishing. 
               Compare and contrast to employee engagement and employee satisfaction.  

3. How does encouraging workplace flourishing promote a healthier culture? How does a healthy culture 
    sustain business success?

          a. Discuss the connection between culture and other organizational KPIs. 
              Discuss impact to KPIs when employee are and are not flourishing.  

4. How do leaders and employees contribute to workplace flourishing?

         a. Examine behaviors of leaders and followers through film clips and discuss how those behaviors 
             are indicative of flourishing.

5. How do leadership styles influence flourishing and how can leaders change their behaviors 
    and culture to promote flourishing?

         a. Compare and contrast different leadership methodologies 
             (Command and Control, Laissez-Faire, Transactional, Transformational and Servant Leadership) 
             and how the behaviors of different leadership styles promote positive relationships,
             workplace flourishing, a healthy culture, and ultimately success in all areas of the business.  

6. Action plan- What do you do with this information when you get back to your workplace so that you
    can create a healthier culture where individuals flourish?

            a. Review key information

            b. Discuss possible next steps when getting back to work

            c. Share ways to measure success

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed to meet the needs of all levels of leadership who have an interest in moving beyond employee engagement to workplace flourishing and who are looking to create a healthier culture by focusing on relationships within their business. It would be most advantageous to C-Level and Middle Managers who connect with the bigger picture and business strategy.


   Dr. Kimberly Mitchell creatively connects the dots between these principles and provides you with the tools you need to make the necessary changes in your organization that will make a difference for your employees, your customers, and your other shareholders. With over 35 years of call center background developing her skills in fast-paced customer-focused
environments, nearly 20 years as president of InterWeave analyzing organizational behaviors and partnering with leaders to develop healthy cultures, and as a doctor of organizational leadership who researches leader-follower relationships and workplace flourishing, Kimberly passionately shares her knowledge and experiences to support your leadership growth.
Come challenge your current thought-processes and learn new methods of creating a healthy culture where you and your employees will flourish and your utility will thrive!


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