Cracking the Code on Customer Loyalty
in a Digital World



Simon Watson, Executive Director, EY
Joanne Campbell
, Senior Manager, EY Power And Utilities Customer Practice
Katie Jost
, Senior Consultant, EY  Advisory Services Practice
Mateen Alinaghi
, Senior Consultant, EY Advisory  Services Practice


Leaders in customer loyalty are succeeding by using strategies that balance customer satisfaction and engagement, product experience and brand reputation backed by customer behavior analytics that enable personalization and agile response to the market.   Benchmarks are showing that focusing on customer satisfaction and experience is no longer enough and that customer loyalty and advocacy is needed to create sustainable and future value for utilities.

This session will share research that demonstrates how customers are looking for more from their energy providers and immerse participants in a design workshop showing how a combined view of service experience, product experience and reputation supports utilities as they define their solutions and operating model needs going forward.

Modules of this session will be interactive and provide participants with a pragmatic view of how to create customer-centric strategies grounded in understanding of their customers and their behaviors.

  1. Review of current customer loyalty insights from leading water, gas and electric utilities
  2. Deconstructing loyalty and advocacy measures – you already have all you need!
    • A deep dive into customer behavior analysis
    • Understanding how to measure and manage product profitability
    • Defining key elements of brand reputation management
  3. Defining a comprehensive customer loyalty dashboard for your utility that works for your C-suite and your operations leaders
  4. How to bring it all together into an integrated customer strategy that delivers on customer experience and loyalty coupled with short and long term profitability


Participants will leave the session understanding how peer utilities are using customer-centric strategies to deliver on customer experience and loyalty targets and have process and steps in hand for leading their own organizations through this challenge.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understanding of current customer loyalty strategies and insights from leading water, gas and electric utilities
    • Learn the foundational elements of loyalty and advocacy strategies and measures
    • Learn what steps your organization can take now to complete customer behavior based analysis and how to translate it into strategies that build efficient and profitable customer relationships
    • Learn how to measure product profitability and develop strategies to manage essential elements of customer lifetime value
    • Assess and define key steps that your organization can take to improve how it manages brand reputation
    • Learn the steps for creating a comprehensive customer loyalty strategy and dashboard for your utility that will resonate with your C-suite and your operations leaders
    • Learn how to build an integrated customer strategy that delivers on customer experience and loyalty coupled with short and long term profitability

Who should attend:

    • Senior management responsible for customer operations, growth and engagement
    • Directors, general managers, and managers from customer care, contact center, digital channels, customer experience, IT supporting customer operations, marketing, branding
    • Corporate communications and customer analytics practitioners in utilities

About the Speakers


Simon Watson

Simon Watson is an Executive Director within EY’s Power and Utility practice. He has over 20 years of professional experience advising utility, clean energy and mining companies in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. His experience is concentrated in business improvement and transformation, strategy development, business planning, market and competitor analysis, policy analysis and M&A. Simon helps utilities manage disruption and embrace innovation, particularly for growing revenues for new product and service offerings and customer engagement strategies.


Joanne Campbell

Joanne Campbell is a senior manager in EY’s National Advisory service group with a focus on customer strategy, marketing and experience management. She has led customer strategy transformation, service and sales, and operational efficiency programs for more than 25 years.  Joanne helps energy companies to develop business strategies to transform customer operations for growth and customer engagement. She works closely with utility executive leadership to align employees and corporate objectives to improve customer experience and business performance.


Katie Jost

Katie Jost is a senior consultant in EY’s Customer Advisory practice. Katie works with energy companies to navigate the complexities of the digital transformation to better define customer loyalty and growth strategies. She works with clients to develop integrated customer-centric solutions that support business and operational objectives. Katie is passionate about re-thinking business strategies and innovation capabilities to incubate new ideas and business models to drive better customer experience outcomes.


Mateen Alinaghi

Mateen Alinaghi is a senior consultant in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. With a strong background in energy, he helps power and utility clients develop and deliver customer experience and engagement strategies. Through the use of customer data and analytics, Mateen is passionate about understanding the forces driving customer behavior and loyalty as it exists in the customer lifecycle.  Mateen is also engaged in numerous initiatives to better understand how to effectively integrate emerging digital technologies, such as AI and natural language processing with employee and customer experiences.


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