Six Steps to Prepare for a Successful Enterprise System Implementation


Jim Hendershot, Sr Consultant, TMG Consulting
Jennifer Baldwin
Director, PMO, TMG Consulting


Utilities of all sizes and services, when managing multiple concurrent projects and initiatives, experience similar difficulties. Each organization typically seizes the opportunity to budget their projects and, if there is no master project gatekeeper, they overlap priorities and resources, adding unnecessary risks and challenges. Four disciplines are vital to bringing order and effectiveness to project delivery. This course suggests a degree of centralized management is necessary for success: governance, constant planning, unflagging change management and omni-present risk management. Facing a queue of inter-dependent initiatives calls for a new organizational response, one that gradually dissolves silo walls to deliver in predictable ways the value that has been promised.


Step 1:  Understand the siloed nature of most utility customer organizations and the risks of disconnected
Step 2:  Appreciate the importance of enterprise-level planning with organizations jointly setting objectives, 
priorities, schedules, dependent activities and governance.
Step 3: Realize the value of business process planning that aligns organizations to a shared customer vision, combined with a deep understanding of the partner landscape and which add value to enterprise initiatives.
Step 4:  Multiply project value and benefits realization by optimizing supplier engagements, investing in training and promoting existing operational efficiencies. 
Step 5:  Share real-world examples of opportunities that integrated plans, standardized processes and
methodologies, managed cross-organization workflows, improved systems integrations and sequenced initiative
timing to address the most pressing problems at the right time. 
Step 6:  Present organizational and project models that introduce approaches for building company-wide
customer strategies and align organizations to common vision, planning and change processes. 


This course is suitable for operations and customer-focused executive sponsors, directors, managers and team members focused on:

  • IT and grid modernization projects
  • Cloud opportunities, challenges and market penetration
  • Emerging customer expectations/customer satisfaction
  • Operational efficiencies
  • New revenue streams

About the Speakers

Jennifer Baldwin, PMP  
Director of PMO   

Jim Hendershot 
Senior Consultant