Putting Some SaaS in Your Solution



Lyndal Haddox, VP, Innovative Solutions, AAC Utility Partners
Christina Schueneman, 
Dir, Technology Assessment and Selection, AAC Utility Partners


CIS (and other system) vendors are putting increasing emphasis and investment in SaaS solutions. It is coming; is your utility ready? This course will take participants through a comprehensive understanding of “Cloud” and why it is important for utilities to understand and consider SaaS.  Discussion will include industry-specific benefits and challenges, ways to prepare and how to successfully transform your organization utilizing SaaS solutions.


  • Understand the components of “Cloud” and bridge the communication gap as it pertains to the utility industry including active vendor participants who offer different options like SaaS vs. PaaS;
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of a SaaS “like” solution and its variations;
  • Prepare for the SaaS transformation by understanding both the agile implementation of cloud deployment as it can be effectively applied (plus, what doesn’t work!) and appreciating the new roles required, including testing, that will shift the IT department’s focus to support the new system;
  • Learn how SaaS impacts contractual requirements and how key components like Statement of Work, Service Level Agreements and the SaaS agreement will need to be well-covered by utilities and why;
  • Appreciate how SaaS changes the organization at all levels: Management, IT and Operational; and
  • See what ongoing operations utilizing SaaS look like, particularly the PMO, Training and Center of Excellence.  

Who Should Attend? 

This course will provide enlightenment and relevant information to utility professionals at every level: C-Level Executives, Middle Management, Front-line Managers, Supervisors

About the Speakers

Lyndal Haddox 
Lyndal Haddox is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than two decades experience in the IT industry. Lyndal has overseen the implementation of more than 50 utility systems in both the US and Canada, including applications for billing, customer information, and other enterprise technologies. Lyndal has a strong background in process and methodology development as well as the organizational change management needed for successful deployment. She has lead teams designing everything from corporate business processes to an accelerated implementation methodology for utility CIS.

Christina Schueneman
Christina Schuenemanis Director of Technology Assessment and Selection Services with AAC, specializing the areas of CIS and ERP needs assessment, implementation strategy, business process documentation, and software vendor/integrator selection. Christina has led and mentored cross functional teams through selection, implementation, and integration of systems and products including mobile application development, field mobile systems, online customer portals, and Customer Information Systems (CIS), Work Management Systems (WAMS) and Financial Management Systems (FMS).