Expanding the Role of Change Management in Your Implementation Strategy


Penny Tootle, Consultant, Utilligent, LLC


Organizational change is a corporate constant.  For utility professionals, effectively leading organizational change is not a one size fits all solution; however, utility organizations are particularly hard pressed to facilitate change through multi-level engagement in order to achieve success.  Tactical engagement requires a strategy and clarity concerning organizational expectations, readiness and capacity to change.

This course establishes a solid foundation for understanding organizational behavior, design, development and change before introducing key concepts for effectively facilitating change initiatives at all levels.  Participants will be introduced to a range of organizational change approaches and leading research on the value of incorporating a change strategy in concert with major projects. Participants will be challenged to put into practice what is learned in the course through hands-on exercises, including developing and defending a convincing business case. Participants coming to this course with a major change initiative to facilitate can expect to take away strategies, concepts and ideas to support the vital work ahead.

Learning Objectives:

Learn where Human Capital and Organizational Behavior Converge
Any new initiative has the potential to significantly impact the workforce, as project leaders and key stakeholders our goal is to recognize the pain points of the project and proactively prevent disruptive behaviors that could derail or at a minimum unduly delay project initiatives.
Learn Fundamental Theories and Practices of Organizational Change
Change is a process and there are foundational principles that help understand the need for change, adapt to and embrace change. 
Learn to Address Challenges to and to Defend Organizational Change Initiatives
Not all anxiety can be allayed; however, there is a certain comfort in knowing that someone has a plan, that someone is you!  
Learn to Build a Convincing Business Case for Change
Learn to package the intangible and tangible advantages of a change initiative while also conveying the risks of remaining as is.
Learn Steps for Leading Organizational Change 
Develop an internal map that incorporates your leadership style, your level of change resilience and your organizational culture to champion your change initiative and rally organizational support.
Learn to Develop Effective Implementation Strategies for Your Unique Organizational Structure/Culture
Bring your project, your challenges, your roadblocks and let’s work together to create valuable take-a-ways that will immediately impact your organization.


Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for middle level management, key operational decision makers and those leading major project initiatives that engage the customer and rely on a front-line workforce to execute. Supervisors and Managers are ideal participants in this course, as well as IT project leads focused on the Customer and User Experience.

What others say about this course:

"Great course! It gave me lots of things to think about."  

“Facilitator was amazing, articulate, and efficient. She's extremely knowledgeable and I wish I could attend more of her courses.”

“Penny is very engaging and provided real life examples to apply learning to situations encountered at work. Very good course.”

"Good class. Learned a lot of techniques that will help me succeed in my job success."


About the Presenter

Penny Tootle
Penny Tootle is a Professional Consultant with Utilligent, after retiring from a successful career in Management with the largest water purveyor in Southern Nevada, The Las Vegas Valley Water District.  She was instrumental in helping The District achieve award winning results in system implementations, stabilization following significant reorganization and spearheaded the incorporation of a full meter to cash approach to customer service. As a consultant her career remains focused on helping utilities achieve success in their quest to fully leverage technology and integrate business solutions and processes for optimal service and bottom line results.  Penny earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling from Liberty University, and her Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from Luther Rice Seminary. She is also a Prosci® certified change practitioner and board member for Quality Assurance and Training Connection.

Penny is known for her endearing and personally impactful communication style.  As an accomplished public speaker and trainer, she has graced the agendas of conferences nationwide; most notably, CS Week, Conferences Connect, Electric Utility Consultants, Inc, International Customer Management Institute, Gartner 1 to 1 Media, Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering, Quality Assurance & Training Connection, and Utility Analytics.

 Penny is the author of Anointed to Cook, has been married for three decades, is a mother, grandmother and advocate for homeless teens in Las Vegas, Nevada.