Dear Boss Letter


How about a "Dear-boss-please-send-me-to-ENGAGE311" letter?


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Dear Boss,

With so much transformation going on in local government with an emphasis on citizen interaction, engaging with other municipalities, vendors and industry leaders can be very helpful to us as we face those challenges.  Our organization can benefit from their shared knowledge and lessons learned. Plus, I want to be a more knowledgeable part of our solution.
ENGAGE311 is the premier annual meeting of both current and prospective 311 municipal and governmental customer service center managers and agents which provides a professional, unbiased environment for in-depth and on-going discussion of current issues and common interests among the 311 community. This year, the conference will run from May 18 - 20, 2020 in Fort Worth, Texas at the Hilton Downtown Fort Worth. ENGAGE311 offers a variety of learning and networking opportunities, including panel discussions, networking lunches and receptions, one-on-one time with industry exhibitors and sponsors in the EXPO311 exhibit hall, and virtual call center tours of other centers from across North America.
While there, I will meet peers in centers similar to ours as well as larger and smaller ones who are farther along in their transformations or taking alternative measures. At every step, I will learn about best practices and innovation from speakers who know 311 from the inside.  Just think, in the future, we could be on the other side of the microphone, sharing with and informing others about our initiatives.

I will also build industry relationships, meeting mentors, counterparts and exhibitor contacts we can use as resources throughout our projects. The spirit of ENGAGE311 is one of sharing, camaraderie and networking - looking forward instead of settling for the status quo.

Keeping costs low and value high is important to everyone involved in ENGAGE311. Register early before May 1, 2020 to receive the early registration fee for just $650 for the entire three-day conference. This fee covers registration, continental breakfasts, lunches, breaks with beverages and snacks and two evening receptions with light hors d’oeuvres and drinks on Monday and Tuesday.

Let's discuss this opportunity and how much attending ENGAGE311 this spring can augment our plans and open opportunities for the future.