ENGAGE311 is a premier, annual three-day educational conference for current and prospective municipal and governmental 311 and customer service centers throughout North America. Our goal is to plan and deliver an event that exceeds your expectations and becomes an essential, productive element in your annual marketing program.

Why should you exhibit at engage311?

Although companies utilize numerous marketing strategies, one of the most cost effective ways to highlight your company in front of your current and potential clients is to exhibit at the ENGAGE311 Conference. At ENGAGE311, you will meet senior-level decision makers and management level professionals evaluating software solutions or consultant expertise, first-time attendees eager to make new connections and network, and seasoned professionals in the 311 and customer service center industries.

ENGAGE311 gives your company a platform on which to network with potential clients, promote your brand, and showcase your products and solutions in a setting that enhances credibility with customer service center leaders and decision makers.

The benefits you derive from being an ENGAGE311 Exhibitor are clear:

  • ENGAGE311 is keenly targeted toward our vast database of current and prospective municipal and governmental 311 and customer service centers to assure their participation in our event. Knowing who your audience is can tailor your sales objectives. Click here to see more information on who attends ENGAGE311 .
  • The buyers are there and looking. ENGAGE311 attendees represent 311 and customer service centers from across North America that all have consciously set aside time to learn, network, and do business.
  • Networking. Meeting and establishing a strong rapport with potential partners and clients are key goals for business contacts. ENGAGE311 meals, EXPO311 Hall time, and receptions are great opportunities to promote your company and establish long-term relationships.
  • Market reach. Exhibiting at ENGAGE311 promotes your brand, product or launch in the manner that increases top-of-mind awareness and interest as your booth is seen and visited by your focused target group in the EXPO311 Hall. It can introduce you to customers that you may never have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere.
  • Show your products and services in a setting that enhances the credibility and appeal of your brand in a relaxed and neutral environment. You achieve a greater impact when customers can meet and interact with your company representatives and products in person.


Companies that request exhibitor information will receive an e-mail listing exhibitor fees and entitlements. Once the exhibitor agreement has been completed, we will begin promoting your company as a 2018 ENGAGE311 Exhibitor on the ENGAGE311 website with your company logo linked to your website.


Click here  for a sample list of contact centers that attend the annual ENGAGE311 Conference. 

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