Why Attend?


As the importance of the call center in today's society increases, so does the pressure to improve customer and employee engagement, elevate customer satisfaction and deliver improved results year after year. Attending ENGAGE311 will give you the knowledge, tools and resources to achieve and exceed your goals and the expectations of your company.


  ducate yourself and others by listening and sharing. 
 N   etwork with those who also walk in customer contact/call center shoes, regardless of their size or type.
 G   ain knowledge about industry-best practices, benchmarking results, trends, strategies, services, technical solutions, and products.
 A   dvance customer contact/call center disciplines: operational metrics and data analytics, performance management, training and knowledge management, and adaptive operations through voice of the customer feedback.
 G   arner recognition for the great things your customer contact/call center has achieved.
 E    xplore customer contact/call center alternatives framed by lessons learned.

What attendees like best about ENGAGE311


  • "Panel discussions and interactions"
  • "Hearing from other governments and personnel from other 311 organizations"
  • "Getting new ideas from other contact centers"
  • "Networking with peers"
  • "Open and candid sharing of information among attendees"
  • "Informative variety of presentations and well-rounded topics"
  • "The diversity of attendees"
  • "Learning how other groups are dealing with the same issues"
  • "Interactive presentations and presenters"
  • "Round table discussions and panel topics"
  • "Discovering you are not alone with your challenges"
  • "Questions being asked and answered openly" 
  • "The high energy with each informative session"
  • "Intimate setting, a very inviting group of professionals"


If you have CS Week 311 questions, please contact:


Amber Wiens

CS Week 311 Manager

(903) 821-8721