About CS Week 311

WHAT IS 311?

311 is the non-emergency counterpart of 911 that is supported in many communities in the United States and Canada. The phone number 3-1-1 provides citizens access to non-emergency municipal services and is intended in part to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from the 9-1-1 number which is reserved for emergency service. Examples of calls intended for 3-1-1 include debris in roadways, potholes, stray animals, non-working streetlamps and noise complaints. 3-1-1 is often in a call center environment and is generally implemented at the local level. In some cities, it is also used for various municipal calls as well if it is connected with the city.

WHAT IS CS Week 311?

CS Week 311 encompasses a wide variety of educational venues, including the annual ENGAGE311 Conference and EXPO311 Hall, year-round webinars, annual Comparative and Technology Surveys, the CS Week 311 Award of Excellence and numerous networking and leadership opportunities for 311 and customer service center personnel. 

The mission of CS Week 311 is to provide a professional, unbiased environment for on-going discussion of current issues, forums for networking and sharing of innovative best practices that will advance customer service capabilities for current and prospective 311 municipal and governmental entities throughout North America. The group is open to all municipal, governmental, and customer service centers with an interest in 311 and focuses on educating members on current issues, products and systems, education and networking within the  industry.

Leadership Committees

If you have CS Week 311 questions, please contact:


Amber Wiens

CS Week 311 Manager

(903) 821-8721

311 Steering Committee

Committee Overview

The CS Week 311 Steering Committee consists of appointed, associate and regular members who are selected by CS Week from applications of interested parties at the annual conference or from among the CS Week 311 membership. This selection takes into account the effort to maintain a balance between the types of municipalities and the ratio of users to technicians, large municipalities to small municipalities, and men to women. 

Regular members of the CS Week 311 Steering Committee are those who are employed by a municipality. 
The CS Week Board of Directors recommends that each potential CS Week 311 Steering Committee member have attended two or more conferences, be willing to make a long-term commitment and have management approval.

Appointment by CS Week to the CS Week 311 Steering Committee and or Leadership Committee is for a term of one year. Each year, CS Week considers the performance and contributions of each CS Week 311 Steering Committee member before reappointment.

Responsibilities include:

· Act as a goodwill ambassador within the 311 industry for CS Week and all CS Week activities;

· Act as a goodwill ambassador within the 311 industry for CS Week 311;

· Attend the annual ENGAGE311 Conference scheduled each spring during CS Week;

· Actively participate in committee meetings and conference calls;

· Meet and greet attendees during registration and all ENGAGE311 functions;

· Attend sponsored activities and express appreciation for sponsor participation;

· Submit ideas and suggestions for future Conferences;

· Attend the CS Week 311 Steering Committee conference calls ;

As a CS Week 311 committee member you will:

· Assist the Planning Committee in determining ENGAGE311 Conference, topics and titles;

· Write agenda descriptions;

· Assist the Planning Committee to secure speakers for the ENGAGE311 Conference as assigned;

· Participate in conference calls and submit timely status updates to the CS Week 311 Steering Committee;

· Be willing to introduce speakers at the ENGAGE311 Conference.

Front Row: Lisa Collins (CS Week), Raquishela Stewart (Charlotte), Myra Linsker (Wichita), Patty Mendoza (Austin), Amber Wiens (CS Week)
Second Row: Lina McKenzie (Calgary), Richard Castillo (Austin), Cheryl Jones (Dallas), Russ Jensen (Knoxville)
Third Row: James West (Fort Worth), Donna Williams-Ormond (Richmond), Sharon Gamble (Fort Worth), Margaret Wright (Dallas), Tom Lake (Schaumburg)

myra linsker,
ENGAGE311 2018 Chair

City of Wichita

Tom Lake,

Village of Schaumburg

Technology Survey

City of Fort Worth


City of Austin

raquishela stewart,

City of Charlotte

Patty Mendoza,
social media

City of Austin

russ jensen,
Comparative Survey

City of Knoxville

Rob duncan,
sponsor and exhibitor concierge

City of Austin

sharon gamble,        
award of excellence

City of Fort Worth

cheryl jones,

City of Dallas

amber wiens,
CS Week 311 Manager

CS Week

Lisa Collins,
CS Week 311 Director

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