cs week 311 Award of Excellence

Each year, CS Week 311 recognizes one centralized government customer service center that has consistently demonstrated a customer-focused approach to improving local government.  The 2020 award will be presented during the CS Week ENGAGE311 Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Application Guidelines 

  • Application must clearly outline the customer service center’s positive impacts on service delivery, customer service, technology, and teamwork.  Including supporting documentation is encouraged.
  • This application refers to progresses made and implementations completed in the 2019 calendar year. Any answers that refer to the future or prior to 2019 will not be considered.
  • Entry materials submitted may be used by CS Week 311 and will not be returned.
  • There are no fees or charges associated with the Award of Excellence itself; however, a representative of the winning center must be present at the ENGAGE311 Conference to accept the award in person and conduct a short presentation regarding their center's journey to receiving the award.
  • The winning customer service center will receive one complimentary ENGAGE311 Conference registration fee and up to three half priced registration fees.
  • Award winner will be notified by a representative of CS Week mid-March.
  • Award winner must submit their conference presentation no later than April 1, 2020.

If you have CS Week 311 questions, please contact:


Amber Wiens

CS Week 311 Manager

(903) 821-8721