CS Week 311 Award of Excellence 2016 Winner

Calgary 311 was announced as the winner and recipient of the 2016 Award of Excellence, given by CS Week 311 at their annual ENGAGE311 Conference. Calgary 311 was recognized for their excellence in 311 service and performance during 2015-2016. Applicants competed for the award across four categories: teamwork, process improvements, service delivery and innovation technology.

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City of Calgary 311

Making life better every day,” is more than just a slogan to the City of Calgary 311, winner of the respected CS Week 311 2016 Award of Excellence. Rather, these words epitomize their total service delivery, call center management practices and ongoing support for the community and each other.  Beyond 24/7 operations, Calgary 311 extends four guiding principles into lively team work and regular volunteerism. 

Focusing attention on tomorrow’s workplace, Calgary 311 has improved processes by collaborating with other City departments and  agencies,enhancing  communications  and fostering cooperation. A marriage of technology and innovation is  showcased with the 311 Dashboard which aggregates service request data from the City’s 311  CSR system, call center and mobile app to provide a current picture to multiple departments and  organizations. This shared data, refreshed daily, helps everyone become better aware of the why  and how often citizens contact Calgary 311. In their ongoing efforts to improve service and meet citizen needs, City of Calgary 311 created an “on call” staff program and a building inspection email initiative to stabilize call volume. 

For more information about these programs and a walk through of the City of Calgary 311 call center, view the video below.  Congratulations, City of Calgary 311 on your ten year journey and an enviable success story.