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CS Week Executive Advisory Panel

Left to right:

First Row: Rod Litke* - CS Week; Connie McIntyre - Southern Company Gas (retired); Chris Behme, IBM; Sue Daulton* - CS Week; Andrea Pelt-Thornton* - CS Week; Sheila Pressley* – JEA; Dana Lendorf-McCarthy, Harris Utilities; Shaun Jackson, KUBRA; Penni McLean-Conner* – Eversource; Leslie Finley, Oracle Energy & Water

Second Row: Kerry Overton* - Austin Energy; Edwin Crow, E Source; Pam Jeffries, Utegration; Dana Drysdale, Aptumo; Rich Charles, EY; Michael O’Donnell, SAP; Jared Lawrence*, Eversource; Bob Champagne, Smart Energy Water; Mark Wyatt*, CS Week; Todd Masurek, VISA


Back: Dave McKendry*, Electricity Canada; Chris Lewis, Paymentus; John Boland, Doxim; Stephen Dawson, powercloud; Dwight Scruggs, Cinch Home Services

*Board Member

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