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Deep Dives

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Deep Dives are three-hour sessions facilitated by utilities with hands-on experience, broad knowledge and specific stories to tell. They are elective add-ons to the CS Week Conference. Each Deep Dive will consist of 2-3 presentation topics and branch off to many sub-topics, depending on where discussion and questions lead. 

All are designed to be conversational and showcase case studies and lessons learned. Conversations and materials will not be recorded or distributed, allowing participants to freely discuss current and future issues. Breaks will occur on an ad-hoc basis to allow conversations to develop and wane organically. Registration for Deep Dives is open to utilities and vendors and has limited attendance to ensure a conversational experience.   

- What Deep Dives looked like for 2022 -

FBI: Cyber Security


Cyber security has held an important role for businesses, including utilities, since the invention of the internet. Today, with so many people working from home, its risk impacts and security programs are even more critical. This Deep Dive provided an update on new tactics and techniques bad actors are using. It offered a case study from Hampton Roads Sanitation District of the immediate and long-term impacts of a ransomware attack. Key FBI personnel from the Phoenix field office contributed in all three topics.

Topic 1 - Cyber Security Trends
Topic 2 - Phishing and Ransomware
Topic 3 – Economic Espionage

Customer Assistance


Based on community needs and resources, utilities build unique programs to deliver effective customer assistance. There are common threads though in federal, state and local funding sources. We listened to what others are doing and shared utility’s offerings and challenges in this top-of-mind Deep Dive.

Topic 1 – The Perfect Storm: Simultaneously Navigating a Nationwide/Community Pandemic and a Natural Disaster
Topic 2 – The Future of Customer Assistance: Strengthening Existing Partnerships and Creating New and Unique Ones
Topic 3 – Removing Barriers to Assist Customers in Qualifying for Funding 

Revenue Protection


Protecting revenue is a mandate for utilities large and small. While AMI meters are generating ample data, companies are using it in multiple ways, often in combination with advanced analytics. Couple that with pandemic moratoriums that have or will be lifted soon. In this Deep Dive, we heard and shared how utilities are using data to finetune their revenue protection programs.

Topic 1 - Unbilled Consumption (Ghost/Orphan) Meters
Topic 2 - The Intersection of Collections and Theft
Topic 3 - Use of Analytics/Automation to Determine Abnormal Meter Data

Talent Management


In this Deep Dive, we witnessed the talent management challenges ushered in by the pandemic and explored what’s next in this new era of massive shifts in the workforce and workplace. Many voices with different perspectives, made this valuable and solutions-rich.

Topic 1 - Supporting and Leading a Remote Workforce
Topic 2 - Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in a Demanding Market

To preview our Customer Assistance Deep Dive content, view our CS Week Web Ed Webinar:
Connecting Available Funds to Vulnerable Customers

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