Expanding Excellence Award Introduces the Rising Star Award



The CS Week Rising Star Award is a category under the umbrella of the CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards venue.

It recognizes an emerging leader in utility customer service and/or supporting information technology (IT) whose record reflects ongoing contributions to their company, exceptional and/or accelerated growth and increased levels of leadership and responsibility. Successful nominees will have not yet reached a senior-level position, but their track-record should reflect a strong potential for appointment at the highest levels of the profession. Awards will be made at the discretion of the CS Week Award Committee, which may choose to grant one award, no award, or multiple awards in any one Conference year.

Criteria Includes:

  • Nominee demonstrates consistent, progressively more mature and respected leadership skills.
  • Nominee provides guidance, demonstrative behaviors and a heart for customer service when interacting with the public and staff through executive colleagues.
  • Nominee has contributed - above and beyond the call of duty - to the development, implementation and fostering of advances in departmental operations, creative and effective services and/or successful programs.
  • Nominee goes above and beyond expectations by enhancing the internal/external customer service experience or through supporting IT through creative problem-solving.
  • Nominee changes physical and/or attitudinal barriers beyond the scope of his/her job.
  • Awardee must be present at CS Week to accept their award.

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Expanding Excellence Awards Program Manager