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 Top Workshops from Conference 41 - Fort Worth, TX
 Webinar Title                        (Click title to view recording)
 03/13/2018 Field Service
 Ensuring Customer Safety in Times of Natural Disasters
Speaker:  Trevor Fenton, ATCO Pipelines & Liquids

 02/13/2018 Credit & Collections
 A Deep Dive Into the Collection Processes That Yield Extraordinary Results
Speaker:  Jolanda Jordan, Pinellas County Utilities

 01/25/2018 Digital Customer Engagement
 Leveraging Social Media and Video to Secure Customer Engagement
(Prior title:  Viva Las Video: Is Video the New "King" of Social Content)
Speaker:  Dan Seguin, Hydro Ottawa Limited

 01/09/2018 Credit & Collections
 Reducing Risk Utilizing Internal & External Credit Scoring Processes
Speaker:  Willa Hightower, PECO, an Excelon Company

 12/12/2017 Field Service
 Field Service Training Strategies to Maximize Customer Satisfaction
Speakers:  Amber Lineback, Piedmont
                        Sheila Pressley, JEA
 11/30/2017 Contact Center  Linking Annual Appraisals to Everyday Call Center Performance
 Speaker:  Frederick Daum
 11/14/2017 Contact Center
 Care Center: The Next Generation
Speakers: Litza Rivera, Florida Power & Light
                       Robert Weber, Florida Power & Light
 10/24/2017 Credit & Collections
 Customer-Centric Programming through Community Collaboration
Speaker: Ronnie Mendoza, Austin Energy

  Digital Customer Engagement
 Delivering the Customer Experience in an Omni-Channel World
Speakers:  Reese Hamilton & Andy Higgins, Vectren Corporation


 Top Workshops from Conference 40 - Phoenix, AZ
 Date Track  Webinar Title
 04/11/2017  Billing  Leveraging Your E-Billing and Social Media by Adding Video
 02/14/2017  Field Customer Service
Developing a Field Customer Service Strategy
 01/10/2017  Credit & Collections
 It Could Happen to Anyone: The Evolving Challenge of Phone Scams Targeting Utilities
 12/13/2016  Strategies & Management
 Designing Social Media Customer Care that Scales
 09/13/2016   Strategies & Management
 Managing Organizational Change: Metrics that Matter
 07/12/2016  Customer Engagement Are you Considering Live Chat?
Top Workshops from Conference 39 - Charlotte, NC 
Date Track Webinar Title
 03/08/2016  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementation - Large Utilities
 02/09/2016  Field Customer Service Enterprise Performance Management for Field Service Crews
 01/12/2016  Customer Engagement  The Social Community
 11/10/2015  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementation - Small Utility
 10/13/2015  Billing  Optimizing the Escheatment Process
 09/08/2015  Customer Engagement  Transforming the Call Center - Qualitative Focus, Quantitative Results
 Credit & Collections
 Collections without Disconnects
 07/14/2015  Field Customer Service  Improving Customer Service through Outbound Communications
  Top Workshops from Conference 38 - San Antonio, TX
 4/14/2015  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementations
 3/10/2015  Billing  Revenue Recovery: Water Loss Programs & Beyond
 2/10/2015  Devices, Data & Analytics  Lessons Learned When Selecting Customers for a Smart Grid Pilot
 1/13/2015  Credit & Collections  Self Service Reconnection Processes
 12/9/2014  Customer Engagement  The Golden Rule Brings ComEd Closer to the Gold Standard
 11/11/2014  Credit & Collections  A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Credit & Collections
 9/9/2014  Strategies & Management  Strategies and Lessons Learned in Customer Engagement
 7/8/2014  Strategies & Management  Meter-to-Cash: Improving Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

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