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Webinar Title/Speaker
September 11, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Contact Center

Free, Yes Free, Ways to Create a Culture of Engagement
Speaker:  Erin Owen, Asst Mgr Contact Center, Greater Cincinnati Water Works

It’s essential to create the right conditions for your employees to thrive within your organization. Engaging with employees at all levels is a vital part of success but is often overlooked. Managers have the data and either don’t believe the numbers will change, won’t accept the numbers, or fail to develop a strategy for improvement. This presentation will share the journey of Greater Cincinnati Water Works’ efforts to push the engagement needle through simple, yet effective ways to jumpstart their workforce. AND IT’S FREE!

September 26, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
 Analytics  Utilizing Big Data to Enhance SMB Customer Outreach
Speakers:  Sarah Jin, Strategic Analyst, Expert, PG&E
                        Tina Williams, Supervisor, Customer Care, Business Energy Solutions, PG&E

​PG&E piloted a personal touch program with targeted SMB customers whose recent bills had increased significantly. Customers were introduced useful tools to manage their bills, information about best rate options and energy efficiency rebate programs. Using data collected from multiple IT systems, an initial algorithm was developed to identify which customers to call. Customer representatives then reached out to these customers to review their potential of receiving a high bill and provide recommendations for action. The results of these calls were used to improve the algorithm for calls in the following month, improving the effectiveness and impact on the customers. SMB customers were appreciative of this proactive and personalized outreach. This effort, amongst others, allows PG&E to assist SMBs to feel more empowered when managing their utility bills.

October 9, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
 Strategies & Management
 Best Practices in CIS Implementation (Part 1)
Speaker:  Katie Guice, Director, Customer Solutions & Strategic Projects, TECO

October 23, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementation (Part 2)
Speakers:  Sandra Broughton, Director, Customer Experience, Southern Company Gas
                         Cindi Reyes, Dir, IT Operational Excellence, Southern Company Gas


On Demand Webinars

 Top Workshops from Conference 41 - Fort Worth, TX
 Webinar Title                        (Click title to view recording)
 03/13/2018 Field Service
 Ensuring Customer Safety in Times of Natural Disasters
Speaker:  Trevor Fenton, ATCO Pipelines & Liquids

 02/13/2018 Credit & Collections
 A Deep Dive Into the Collection Processes That Yield Extraordinary Results
Speaker:  Jolanda Jordan, Pinellas County Utilities

 01/25/2018 Digital Customer Engagement
 Leveraging Social Media and Video to Secure Customer Engagement
(Prior title:  Viva Las Video: Is Video the New "King" of Social Content)
Speaker:  Dan Seguin, Hydro Ottawa Limited

 01/09/2018 Credit & Collections
 Reducing Risk Utilizing Internal & External Credit Scoring Processes
Speaker:  Willa Hightower, PECO, an Excelon Company

 12/12/2017 Field Service
 Field Service Training Strategies to Maximize Customer Satisfaction
Speakers:  Amber Lineback, Piedmont
                        Sheila Pressley, JEA
 11/30/2017 Contact Center  Linking Annual Appraisals to Everyday Call Center Performance
 Speaker:  Frederick Daum
 11/14/2017 Contact Center
 Care Center: The Next Generation
Speakers: Litza Rivera, Florida Power & Light
                       Robert Weber, Florida Power & Light
 10/24/2017 Credit & Collections
 Customer-Centric Programming through Community Collaboration
Speaker: Ronnie Mendoza, Austin Energy

  Digital Customer Engagement
 Delivering the Customer Experience in an Omni-Channel World
Speakers:  Reese Hamilton & Andy Higgins, Vectren Corporation


 Top Workshops from Conference 40 - Phoenix, AZ
 Date Track  Webinar Title
 04/11/2017  Billing  Leveraging Your E-Billing and Social Media by Adding Video
 02/14/2017  Field Customer Service
Developing a Field Customer Service Strategy
 01/10/2017  Credit & Collections
 It Could Happen to Anyone: The Evolving Challenge of Phone Scams Targeting Utilities
 12/13/2016  Strategies & Management
 Designing Social Media Customer Care that Scales
 09/13/2016   Strategies & Management
 Managing Organizational Change: Metrics that Matter
 07/12/2016  Customer Engagement Are you Considering Live Chat?
Top Workshops from Conference 39 - Charlotte, NC 
Date Track Webinar Title
 03/08/2016  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementation - Large Utilities
 02/09/2016  Field Customer Service Enterprise Performance Management for Field Service Crews
 01/12/2016  Customer Engagement  The Social Community
 11/10/2015  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementation - Small Utility
 10/13/2015  Billing  Optimizing the Escheatment Process
 09/08/2015  Customer Engagement  Transforming the Call Center - Qualitative Focus, Quantitative Results
 Credit & Collections
 Collections without Disconnects
 07/14/2015  Field Customer Service  Improving Customer Service through Outbound Communications
  Top Workshops from Conference 38 - San Antonio, TX
 4/14/2015  Strategies & Management  Best Practices in CIS Implementations
 3/10/2015  Billing  Revenue Recovery: Water Loss Programs & Beyond
 2/10/2015  Devices, Data & Analytics  Lessons Learned When Selecting Customers for a Smart Grid Pilot
 1/13/2015  Credit & Collections  Self Service Reconnection Processes
 12/9/2014  Customer Engagement  The Golden Rule Brings ComEd Closer to the Gold Standard
 11/11/2014  Credit & Collections  A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Credit & Collections
 9/9/2014  Strategies & Management  Strategies and Lessons Learned in Customer Engagement
 7/8/2014  Strategies & Management  Meter-to-Cash: Improving Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

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