CS Week Synergy Groups offer two different forums: Business Process and Vendor. The specific application user groups meet with the respective vendors to discuss current issues and common interests. Business process groups are organized by functions on the Customer Experience Lifecycle. These opportunities to collaborate with other users with similar responsibilities provides group members a time and place to meet, identify and share potential improvements, strategic content and solutions.

Energy is the basic product for most utilities. A different but equally important energy is driving the CS Week Synergy Groups – the joined energy of utility pros sharing and expanding their knowledge to make their function areas an essential contributor to the success of their utilities.

CS Week Synergy Groups provide an opportunity for application users to meet with each other or with representatives of the application vendor for discussions that might never otherwise occur.

Business Process Synergy Groups

If you have a Synergy Group question, please contact:


Synergy Groups Manager








Vendor Synergy Groups

Vendor Synergy Group registration is complimentary.
Below are the 2018 Vendor Synergy Groups.



Synergy Group registration for utility and governmental attendees only.

(with the exception of Analytics).

Admittance to session is subject to presenter approval.