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CS Week 2018 Executive Perspectives


Laurie Giammona, SVP & Chief Customer Officer, Pacific Gas & Electric

Created several years ago, a leadership model adopted by Pacific Gas & Electric emphasizes local community to better coordinate service delivery across its large, customer-heavy territory. This model became a critical factor for the company’s response to the 2017 wildfires. Each of nineteen divisions is led by a “commander in chief,” who becomes the “face” of PG&E locally and uses centralized processes to escalate issues in case they turn system-wide. Having spent her career serving customers while building brand and customer loyalty, Giammona highlights:

  • Customers want utilities to help aggregate their data and share how they can better use energy through technology;
  • The investments PG&E is making to ensure its grid is resilient to continuing crises with new ideas around vegetation management and de-energizing protocols;
  • The emergence of microgrids as a consumer resource to support what she calls “a modern marvel…the grid of things…that connects everyone to what’s important in their lives;” and
  • The strategic alignment of objectives and goals for seamless service delivery across multiple channels so customers see the effect of PG&E’s coordination and community engagement.

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