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CS Week Executive Perspectives Video Series engages senior executives on the forefront of today's dynamic utility industry market.


CS Week 2014 Executive Perspectives


Where Are Your Customers Going?

Gayle Lanier, Chief Customer Officer, Duke Energy


Utilities know that customers are looking for new products/ services that add value to their daily lives. Some of these products directly impact energy use. Duke is looking at where these customers are going and what they are seeking.

  • Identify products and services customers are interested in but Duke doesn’t offer;

  • Ask customers for their opinions in forums, emails, crowdsourcing;

  • Managing beyond the meter - into the home - energy efficiency programs, options to manage the monthly bill;

  • Work with small and medium size businesses to assess what they need - becoming partners with our customers; and

  • Solutions to consolidate accounts from multiple sites for large customers.

Gayle Lanier is Chief Customer Officer at Duke Energy, responsible for call center operations, revenue billing and receivables, metering services, marketing, energy efficiency and relationships with key accounts.




No Customer Says You're Communicating Too Much

Caroline Winn, VP Customer Services and Chief Privacy Officer, San Diego Gas & Electric


What are the major challenges to becoming easy to do business with? SDG&E identified sticking to their word; delivering on promises; and developing the software to make the new vision totally functional for both customers and staff. “Service is only a click away.” Six simple words belie the vision, research and strategies that SDG&E committed to changing their customers’ experience. Learn how SDG&E effectively delivered on their customer and employee empowerment goals.

  • Call center personnel became energy service specialists to guide customers to the right programs and services;

  • Customer research provided the right answers at right time;

  • Build robust tools for customers to meet their needs; and

  • Provide the right information at the right time.

Caroline Winn is VP of Customer Services and Chief Privacy Officer at San Diego Gas & Electric, a regulated public utility providing energy service to 3.4 million people through 1.4 million electric meters and 850,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties of California.



Know Your Role

Mike Guyton, SVP and Chief Customer Officer, Oncor


Customer Engagement at its best becomes a two-way relationship that encourages customers to reach out to the utility for meaningful opportunities to improve their business. Key to the process at Oncor is listening to the customer not only with your ears but with your heart and actions.

  • Our job is to be so close to our customers that they look to us for ideas and improvements;

  • Part of our job is to look for opportunities to help them improve their business; and

  • In 5 years we have gone from being infrastructure to part of the customer experience.

Mike Guyton is SVP and Chief Customer Officer for Oncor, a deregulated electricity business that operates the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas, delivering power to more than 3 million homes and businesses and operating approximately 119,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines across the state.




Chase Perfection, Catch Excellence

Frank Jiruska, VP, Customer Operations, PECO Energy Company


PECO Energy committed its company to consistently perform in the first quartile, across all people, processes and technologies. This benchmarking across all dimensions keeps the focus on where to drive performance throughout the company.


Listen to this enthusiastic description of how PECO Energy is targeting and achieving 1st quartile results:

  • PECO Energy is driven to engage customers as they want to be engaged;

  • Set goals to consistently perform in first quartile across people, process and technology;

  • Billing and payment initiative extends across the utility; and

  • Improving payment options & getting bills out are key.

Frank Jiruska is VP, Customer Operations for PECO Energy Company, one of the oldest and largest utility companies in the United States. PECO had its origins in the work of Thomas Edison. It is now an energy delivery subsidiary of Exelon in Pennsylvania.




What Are the Challenges Utilities Face?

Barbara Porter, Executive Director, Advisory Services - Customer, Ernst & Young


Customer engagement strategies and customer experience are key to the business model successful utilities are implementing. Aligning customer experience with employees is key to their active involvement in the many changes they will be implementing. Utility companies must start with a vision and make certain they can deliver on their commitment.


Customer Engagement Strategies include:

  • Changing expectations of customers and employees;

  • Customers want technology personal, real-time, relevant & local; and

  • New market entrants making it interesting & interactive.

Barbara Porter is Executive Director, Advisory Services - Customer for Ernst & Young, one of the world's leading professional services organizations, helping companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on business opportunities.