Dear Boss Letter

Question: Do you Need inspiration to request education, training and travel dollars for cs week 2017?

Answer: Try this "Dear-boss-please-send-me-to-CS Week" letter. Copy and paste the content below into your own document or edit it to fit your situation; or you can download it as is in a Word Document or Adobe PDF.


Dear Boss,

Staying abreast of customer service trends and enabling technologies in the utility space is a challenge but a must-do for company name to meet our customers’ expectations and remain competitive. Your team recognizes other utilities and industry leaders can be very helpful as we address those challenges. Plus, we want to benefit from their experiences and lessons learned. CS Week is the education partner to help make this happen.
CS Week is the premier annual conference that provides learning and networking opportunities for the utility customer experience lifecycle, organized around seven tracks :

  •  Analytics
  •  Digital Customer Engagement
  •  Billing and Payments
  •  Field Customer Service
  •  Contact Center
  •  Strategies and Management
  •  Credit and Collections

 2017 marks CS Week’s 41st conference and their second year of partnership with the AGA  and EEI  to deliver multiple venues featuring utility customer service and enabling technology workshops, keynotes and panels. CS Week also provides many networking opportunities. Their Exhibit Hall , the largest in the industry, offers one-on-one appointments with exhibitors where we can share our initiatives and learn about their products/services. CS Week 41 runs from May 22 – 26, 2017, in Fort Worth, TX. For example, I can participate in a tightly-focused one‐day College course on Monday, a business process-driven Synergy Group on Tuesday and relevant workshops from 60+ choices  on Wednesday through Friday. I can target workshops, even those presented by Canadian, gas and water utilities, all selected with our goals in mind. 

Because CS Week attracts all utility types from across North America, I'll meet peers in comparable utilities as well as others farther along in their customer experience transformations. At every step, I'll learn about best practices and innovations from professionals who know utilities from the inside. I'll also build relationships and meet mentors, counterparts and exhibitors whom we can call upon as resources in future projects. The spirit of CS Week is one of sharing, camaraderie and networking – always looking forward instead of settling for status quo.
CS Week is directed by senior utility executives so keeping costs low and value high are essential merits of this conference. Just as the slogan promises, “So Worth It! Conference 41 in Fort Worth” will be a great investment, one that will reap rewards for attendees and sponsoring utilities. CS Week even has a "Register 4 - Pay for 3" registration package to encourage teams to attend, so the earlier we register the more affordable fees will be.
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