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      Profiles in Excellence: Utility Chief Customer Officers

      by: Penni McLean-Conner

      Penni McLean-Conner, in her book Profiles,  shares the stories of eight all-star chief customer officers who have demonstrated success in creating a customer-focused culture, developing a team dedicated to  customers and providing valued
customer-facing products and services. These CCOs are focused on their customers and their employees.  They actively develop their team and love celebrating success.  This is a must-read for aspiring customer service leaders also tells the stories of the CCOs’ career paths and officers a lens into their visions for serving customers now and into the future.       

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 Rethinking Utility Customer Care

 Satisfying Your Always-Connected, Always-On Customers  
 By: Todd W. Arnold

  Ubiquitous digital communication has created a customer that's always connected, always on. Utilities are adopting digital communication to connect to the grid, the meter, and the customer. Todd Arnold,    industry veteran   with over 40 years’ experience, examines the convergence of these two trends-the "smart customer" with smart energy-revealing the implications, challenges, and opportunities for utility customer service.