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CS Week Lifecycle Components

  • Analytics - Covers the analytics created, monitored and exported from various aspects of the Smart Grid and/or Smart Infrastructure, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Meter Data Management, consumption (usage) monitoring, demand management, outage management and other applications that mine, aggregate and report data generated by devices and systems. Also covers the Internet of Things and data-driven applications used by utilities to improve operations, enhance customer experience and coalesce data for variable, fixed or customized purposes.                 
  • Billing & Payments - Focuses on all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial billing including e-billing; wholesale billing; billing for other services; bill print services; consolidated bills; revenue assurance; complex billing; and dynamic (real-time) pricing. This track also examines various payment issues related to credit cards; debit cards; e-checks; lockbox operations; treasury functions; EBPP; cashier workstations; and kiosks.
  • Digital Customer Engagement - Utilizes digital tools and techniques to find, listen to and mobilize stakeholders around issues in the utility industry.
  • Contact Center - Explores current, emerging and enabling processes and technology in the areas of customer acquisition; telephony; DSM/conservation; CRM; call center software; outage management; work management; GIS; kiosks; and document management.
  • Credit & Collections - Considers new issues and best practices in the areas of credit and collection processes and software; third party collections; mobile workforce management; modeling and scoring; data analytics; e-checks; and remote disconnect through AMI.
  • Field Services - Concentrates on various aspects of field operations including outage management; materials management; mobile workforce management; GIS; communications architecture; GPS; broadband; dispatch; routing; and scheduling.
  • Strategies & Management - Focuses on trends from a people, process and technology perspective by sharing information related to plans, strategies, trends and management of the Customer Service Lifecycle.

 Awards and Sponsor Solutions


  • Sponsor Solutions  Platinum and Gold Sponsors will present current issues for informing utility personnel about their products and services and client success stories.
  • Expanding Excellence Awards -  Presentations designated to hear from the two  (large and small utility) award winning utilities and their team  for each of the Award Categories.  The winning utilities will be announced at Thursday morning General Session.

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