Monday, May 22, 2017  |   8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Fort Worth Convention Center  |  Room 202 B

Best Practices in Selecting New Utility Software and System Integrators


Rick Cutter
, Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners
Steve Wenke, Managing Partner, AAC Utility Partners
Christina Schueneman
Senior Consultant, AAC Utility Partners
Guest Contributor (Afternoon segment of class):
Nasser Akari
Assistant Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, Washington Gas


Many utilities are coming to the realization that their enterprise systems (ERP, CIS, FMIS, MDM, WMS, MWM, etc) are near the end of life. Multiple business issues are driving this realization – for example, as an aging workforce, new technology needs such as meter data management, and the desire to improve the customer experience. This course will discuss a methodology to assess, procure and build a business case that supports your decisions. Instructors will also present enterprise system project examples as well as case studies associated with typical issues related to these types of projects. The course will include discussion about risk mitigation strategies to assist your project implementation in being successful.

Learning Objectives:

A comprehensive step-by-step methodology for assessing your application;
How to build a business case that supports your utilities’ new technology strategy;
Identifying your options;
Understanding why one vendor project in the market is less successful than another;
Case studies and examples that are streamlined and scalable to different sizes of utilities;
Deployment options, such as On-Premises, Cloud, SaaS and others; 
Best practices on vendor management throughout the process;
How to evaluate different system integrators’ implementation methodologies; and
Best practices in system integrator statement of work development.



Who Should Attend?

 Utility professionals that will be leading the effort to potentially replace utility applications.

Members of the utility that would like to understand the foundation of building a business case that can be used to assist in either upgrading, replacing, or outsourcing a mission critical application.

Executives responsible for project justification to a utility board or state public utility commission.  

Information technology professionals that support the current legacy customer information system, and that may be involved in assessing the systems.

About the Speakers

Rick Cutter is a Managing Partner of AAC Utility Partners. Rick manages the implementation leadership team that supports AAC’s clients Project Strategy, Planning, Negotiations and Execution. He has more than 25 years’ technology management experience in the utility industry, including project management, software development, and application implementation.

Steve Wenke is a Managing Partner of AAC Utility Partners. As senior partner over consulting services, Steve has successfully streamlined vendor assessment and selection activities to enhance the delivery of project management services to AAC’s varied clients. Steve brings a rich history of information systems experience with more than 18 years in the CIS and utility industries.

Christina Schueneman is a Senior Consultant with AAC Utility Partners. Christina’s passion for improvement and her incredible motivation have driven her to complete her MBA, graduate from law school, build a business from the ground up, and manage large-scale system assessments and overhauls. A vital member of AAC’s senior project consultants, Christina has led and mentored project teams through implementation and integration of systems and products ranging from mobile app development, field mobile systems, online customer portals, and personalized Customer Information Systems.

Nasser Akari is an Assistant Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Washington Gas. In this role, Nasser is responsible for supporting the development and adoption of the WGL Strategic Business Planning process; collaborating with other business units in creating and managing the 5-year strategic roadmap; developing and enhancing the Corporate Development processes; and managing multiple, concurrent deals from the ideation phase to closing.

Washington Gas, a WGL Holdings, Inc. company, delivers natural gas to more than one million residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Washington, DC and the surrounding area. In January 2017, Washington Gas went live with one of the most successful large and complex implementation projects in recent history.


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