CS Week 311 Surveys

CS Week 311 offers two annual online surveys open to 311 call centers and municipalities. These surveys are released for two week periods at the start of each new year and the results are presented at the annual ENGAGE311 Conference. Survey participants* are granted full access to the survey results while those with interest in the survey that did not take it are eligible to receive a high level overview of the results. 

311 Technology Survey
1/22/18 - 2/9/18

The 311 Technology Survey is responsible for identifying and assessing technological needs and trends for 311 Call Centers.  The information shared in the survey gives new and already established 311 Call Centers a technology perspective to assist with day-to-day operations and operational efficiency. 

311 Comparative Survey

2/19/18 - 3/9/18


The Comparative Survey is designed to provide data on call center volume, operations, staffing, training, recognition, and performance metrics from 311 call centers across North America.

If you have any questions about our surveys, please contact Amber Wiens, CS Week 311 Manager at the CS Week Home Office.

*Full access to survey results are only granted to those survey participants who agree to the survey non-disclosure agreement. Please note participation is limited to customer service/contact centers, municipalities, cities, and 311 centers. Vendor participation and access to results is prohibited.


If you have CS Week 311 questions, please contact:


Amber Wiens

CS Week 311 Manager

(903) 893-3214 or direct at (903) 821-8721