About CS Week 311

CS Week 311 encompasses a wide variety of educational venues, including the annual ENGAGE311 Conference and EXPO311 Hall, year-round webinars, annual Comparative and Technology Surveys, the CS Week 311 Award of Excellence and numerous networking and leadership opportunities for utility and customer contact/call center personnel, their operational issues and service-based concerns.

CS Week 311 invites you to join the annual ENGAGE311 Conference to discuss ways to improve your customer service/call center. The Conference provides both beginning and experienced 311 industry leaders the opportunity to see new products and systems, learn from experts, and share successes and lessons learned from one another. 



CS Week 311 provides a professional, unbiased environment for in-depth and on-going discussion of current issues and common interests among current and prospective 311 municipal and governmental customer contact centers throughout North America.

venue Objectives:


Educate attendees on topical customer/contact center issues, challenges and trends, including annual 311 comparative and technology surveys;
Facilitate year-round networking opportunities among customer contact/call center personnel, whether from governmental/municipal, cooperatives, IOU or other through various media;
Advance low and high-tech solutions in customer service, knowledge management, staffing, performance metrics, employee initiatives, business process improvements, open data/government practices and public access via web and mobile tools;
Promote professional development opportunities;
Recognize exemplary customer satisfaction programs, industry-leading initiatives and cost-saving efficiencies in the utility customer contact/call center arena.


Leadership Opportunities

CS Week 311 has a dozen steering committees that plan and present the ENGAGE311 Conference and work year-round to provide webinars, newsletters, face-to-face meetings and other discussion forums. CS Week provides administrative support for utility leaders who volunteer for these CS Week 311 committees. For more information and to get involved, contact Amber Wiens, CS Week 311 Manager, 903-893-3214 or directly at 903-821-8721, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.

If you have CS Week 311 questions, please contact:


Amber Wiens

CS Week 311 Manager

(903) 893-3214 or direct at (903) 821-8721