Mission Statement

To partner with utility customer service executives to train high-potential supervisors and managers in a Program that focuses on a coaching relationship and utilizes CS Week as its curriculum. Participants acquire a deeper knowledge and broader understanding of all aspects of the customer experience lifecycle.

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1.  Gain deeper knowledge and broader understanding of meter-to-cash processes and customer experience lifecycle, specifically:
           * Analytics           
           * Billing & Payments           
           * Contact Center           
           * Credit & Collections           
           * Digital Customer Engagement           
           * Field Services           
           * Strategies & Management
2. Meet CS Week Executive Summit attendees and develop meaningful relationships with C-level utility executives.
3. Learn best utility practices and strategies from utilities who host offsite meetings.
4. Prepare high potential supervisors and manager to be next utility leaders. ​

1. Nominee is a high potential customer service or IT supervisor/manager sponsored by a utility executive.
2. 13-month program begins with CS Week Conference, College and Synergy Group, continues with monthly webinars, offsite meetings and phones calls, and ends with CS Week conference and Executive Summit.         
          * Eight webinars lasting 2-3 hours each are held in June - March.         
          * Full day offsite meetings are hosted by a utility in September and February to share best industry practices and strategies.
3. Program curriculum includes written assignments.
4. The participant's utility is expected to fund the participant's full program requirements and travel costs for this program. ​