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Wednesday,  August 15, 2018

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CS Week is now accepting abstracts for Conference 43,  April 9 - 12, 2019. This is an unparalleled opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with a respected audience of customer service professionals.


Each presentation will run one hour to one and one-half hours depending on the time slot assigned.

One presenter has 40 minutes and multiple presenters have 20-25 minutes.

Each session will contain an introduction from a Planning Committee Member and include 10-15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of your session. 

Each presentation must be submitted in PowerPoint format along with a PDF for distribution to attendees.

CS Week reserves the right to combine submitted abstract "topics" into panel discussions and tweak titles for interest.


Abstract selection is competitive. Please follow the instructions and guidelines outlined below to assure that your submission is considered.


Scope - must be relevant to conference attendees, true to the Customer Experience Lifecycle, and supported by outlined learning objectives.

Quality - Abstracts will be reviewed for attention to detail, relevance, originality, and innovation.

Timeliness in the Industry

Adherence to Published Submission Guidelines - All abstracts must be submitted online. They will not be accepted in any other format.


If chosen, am I willing and able to adhere to the deadline schedule listed below?  

Does my abstract address “real world”, practical and current issues?

If I am a vendor, have I partnered with a client utility company?


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Provide a title – LESS than 10 words.

Write summary/description, 50 - 200 word.

Write three concise learning objectives, focusing on what knowledge participants will gain from the presentation. Each learning objective is 15 words or less.

Provide Presenter and Co-Presenter (if applicable) information. List more presenters in your summary if necessary, along with reasons for more presenters.

Please assist us in providing a quality educational experience for conference participants by adhering to our philosophy that all presentations be non-commercial. Vendor/Consultant submitters are required to partner with the client to tell their story (presentation may not be a sales pitch).

Abstract Submission Deadline - August 17, 2018

Outline Due - December 3, 2018 or sooner
1st Draft PowerPoint Due - January 18, 2019 or sooner
Final PowerPoint Due - February 18, 2019 or sooner

All Venues - April 8 - April 12, 2019
(College, Synergy, Conference 43)
     CS Week Conference 43 - April 9 - 12, 2019
     On-Site Speaker Ready Room Open -  April 9 - 11, 2019
     CS Week Conference 43 Workshops - April 10 - 12, 2019

Analytics - Covers various aspects of the Smart Grid and/or Smart Infrastructure, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Meter Data Management and the analytics resulting from the data generated by the devices. Covers all devices that monitor consumption and also Internet of Things.

Contact Center Explores current, emerging and enabling processes and technology in the areas of customer acquisition; telephony; DSM/conservation; CRM; call center software; outage management; work management; GIS; kiosks; and document management.

 Digital Customer Engagement - Utilizes digital tools and techniques to find, listen to and mobilize stakeholders around issues in the utility industry.

 Field Services - Concentrates on various aspects of field operations including outage management; materials management; mobile workforce management; GIS; communications architecture; GPS; broadband; dispatch; routing; and scheduling.

 Billing & Payments - Focuses on all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial billing including e-billing; wholesale billing; billing for other services; bill print services; consolidated bills; revenue assurance; complex billing; and dynamic (real-time) pricing. This track also examines various payment issues related to credit cards; debit cards; e-checks; lockbox operations; treasury functions; EBPP; cashier workstations; and kiosks.

 Credit & Collections - Considers new issues and best practices in the areas of credit and collection processes and software; third party collections; mobile workforce management; modeling and scoring; data analytics; e-checks; and remote disconnect through AMI.

Strategies & Management - Focuses on trends from a people, process and technology perspective by sharing information related to plans, strategies, trends and management of the Customer Service Lifecycle.

Conference Questions

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